No surprises here...

This is for the ladies that won­der if their guy is think­ing about them while they’re apart or where he goes when he gets that glazed look while you tell him about the cool shoes you just scored.

A new study byOhioSta­te­U­ni­ver­si­ty­found that men are think­ing mostly about 3 things dur­ing the course of a day: sex, food and sleep.

The study showed that the aver­age Joe thinks of sex 19 times a day, food 18 times a day, and sleep 11 times a day.  I’m sure sports take up what­ever thought capac­ity is left.

I’m sure it comes as no sur­prise but unless you premise your story with…”and there I was asleep naked in my Fer­rari after I’d eaten a 16oz steak and watched the big game…” chances are you won’t get much of a response.

Unknown source