Not so Jolly Rancher

Yesterday we had a guy fall asleep in his car cause a huge disaster and today we have this lady.  At a Boston Train station a 31-year-old woman can be seen on surveillance video walking across an empty platform then falling down onto the tracks, where she stayed for about a minute before a group of people came to her aid. She did break her arm in the fall, but managed to avoid the electrified third rail!   She told authorities she fell asleep on a bench and may have started sleepwalking! 

People who tried to complain about noise from a San Francisco marathon got an earful of racy language instead!  When they called the city’s 311 hotline to complain about Sunday’s Nike marathon, they were incorrectly directed to a phone sex line. City officials now say they were given the wrong number and are investigating how the mix-up occurred. Turns out the wrong number was given out for about a half hour before city officials were alerted.

jolly rancherLove Olatunjiojo (oh luh ton jee a joe) was nabbed by officers shortly after he walked out of a candy store near the Coney Island amusement area. He was searched and cuffed after officers uncovered his stash of sugary treats. He ended up spending two days behind bars while awaiting lab results on two “red crystalline rocks of solid material” and four “blue crystalline rocks of solid material” that were eventually identified as Jolly Ranchers –just like the wrappers said.  Olatunjiojo’s lawyer Kenneth Smith said,  “I don’t know if these cops have been watching ‘Breaking Bad,’ but my client is not Walter White.”

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