Not so Jolly Rancher

Yes­ter­day we had a guy fall asleep in his car cause a huge dis­as­ter and today we have this lady.  At a Boston Train sta­tion a 31-year-old woman can be seen on sur­veil­lance video walk­ing across an empty plat­form then falling down onto the tracks, where she stayed for about a minute before a group of peo­ple came to her aid. She did break her arm in the fall, but man­aged to avoid the elec­tri­fied third rail!   She told author­i­ties she fell asleep on a bench and may have started sleep­walk­ing! 

Peo­ple who tried to com­plain about noise from a San Fran­cisco marathon got an ear­ful of racy lan­guage instead!  When they called the city’s 311 hot­line to com­plain about Sunday’s Nike marathon, they were incor­rectly directed to a phone sex line. City offi­cials now say they were given the wrong num­ber and are inves­ti­gat­ing how the mix-up occurred. Turns out the wrong num­ber was given out for about a half hour before city offi­cials were alerted.

jolly rancherLove Olatun­jiojo (oh luh ton jee a joe) was nabbed by offi­cers shortly after he walked out of a candy store near the Coney Island amuse­ment area. He was searched and cuffed after offi­cers uncov­ered his stash of sug­ary treats. He ended up spend­ing two days behind bars while await­ing lab results on two “red crys­talline rocks of solid mate­r­ial” and four “blue crys­talline rocks of solid mate­r­ial” that were even­tu­ally iden­ti­fied as Jolly Ranch­ers –just like the wrap­pers said.  Olatunjiojo’s lawyer Ken­neth Smith said,  “I don’t know if these cops have been watch­ing ‘Break­ing Bad,’ but my client is not Wal­ter White.”

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