Not so magical muchrooms

Magical_MushroomsFlorida man Rick Daniel Myers was busted while collecting psychedelic ‘shrooms in a state park, where they were growing wild. When cops approached the man, he handed over his backpack and a 2 foot long alligator – which Myers says he’d picked up earlier that day in a field.  Myers, who said that he intended to release the critter after taking a few pictures with it, was cited for illegal possession of an alligator in addition to the more standard drug charges.

Texas mom Dorothy Baker-Flugence was carjacked at knife-point with two of her six kids. But Dorothy wasn’t having it, and, with the carjacker in the passenger seat, grabbed the knife from the man and ran the car full speed into a telephone pole!  This just stunned they guy and he jumped out of the vehicle but not fast enough as Dorothy ran right over the guy!  The brave mother did this to stop the guy from hurting anybody else. She also added, “I told [him] he messed with the wrong witch.” 

Washington state man Omar Medina had just gotten behind the wheel of his car in the parking lot of a convenience store when a policeman noticed that he appeared impaired and moved in to check. He asked Medina to hand over his license, but the 26-year-old had another idea and offered a beer.  When the officer declined, Medina told him he didn’t have to co-operate because he was employed by the federal government – as an assassin who’d killed many times while serving the country. Turns out he’d been arrested three times before for DUI and lost his license as a result.

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