Not so Superman arrested

Police in Utah arrested a man named Christo­pher Reeves, but he’s not Super­man. Not by a long shot. not so supermanThe 33-year-old Reeves, whose name is very close to that of the late Super­man actor Christo­pher Reeve (no “s”), was busted for meth pos­ses­sion and dri­ving under the influ­ence. How­ever, in a com­i­cal twist, the guy just hap­pened to be wear­ing a Super­man T-shirt when he was arrested and booked.

A Florida man was arrested over the week­end when he scared a 6-year-old girl after emerg­ing from a stall in a Wal­greens bath­room wear­ing noth­ing but his birth­day suit!  Appar­ently, Christo­pher Mahurin and his girl­friend were tak­ing a “break” inside one of the stalls.   When the lit­tle girl started scream­ing, he pushed her toward the door and the girl’s father grabbed her.  Mahurin and Frey were dressed and inthe park­ing lot when police arrived on the scene.

Christo­pher Miller robbed the Stride Rite shoe store in Toms River, NJ, in 1999, got caught, and served 15 years in state prison. Police say he became a free man on Fri­day and cel­e­brated by catch­ing a bus to Toms River and rob­bing the same Stride Rite shoe store!  Though he had 15 years to stew over what went wrong the first time, author­i­ties’ say this rob­bery didn’t go so well, either. Two employ­ees were so slow in hand­ing over cash that the “agi­tated” rob­ber grabbed the reg­is­ter drawer him­self and fled on foot with $389 and was appre­hended by the police.  Miller is charged with rob­bery and is being held on $100,000 bond.

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