Not the "bingo" they were expecting

Port St. Lucie police said the 68-year-old man told officers he and his wife, Velina argued after a church service when Oneal said his 92-year-old mother would have to sit in the middle back seat of the car to even out the weight on the back tires. The man told Velina not to insult his mother, and an argument erupted and his wife hit him in the dentures, which began to fall out. “To keep them from exiting his mouth, he bit down unaware that her finger was still in his mouth!”  Oneal said her husband intentionally bit her finger and she hit him in the mouth following the bite.The 92-year-old woman’s account of events was similar to her son’s, police said. She said Oneal “constantly” harasses her about her weight and often becomes violent toward her and her son. Oneal was arrested on a battery charge.

Kevin Cook and a friend were robbed by two men shortly after midnight Saturday. One mugger displayed a gun and said he would shoot the victims if they made any noise. The robbers took his cellphone, a briefcase and a wallet containing about $114 cash. But Cook said one of the robbers gave him back his phone. “He just took a look at it and handed it back to me and a minute later I was able to call 911 and get the whole thing started.” Cook said.  Cook said there turned out to be an upside to his outdated 2010 LG Quantum flip phone.

 bingoA Kentucky man was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and alcohol intoxication after he allegedly ran through a bingo hall with his pants down yelling — of course — “Bingo!” Unsurprisingly, Louisville Police say that Deharra Waters’ speech was slurred. In addition reportedly being a Louisville Cardinals fan, it also appears Walters has “YOLO” (You Only Live Once) tattooed on his knuckles. It hasn’t been confirmed whether he actually had a Bingo.

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