Not the kind of shot she was hoping for

A North Miami may­oral can­di­date has picked up a key endorse­ment that should give her a huge boost in the race. Anna Pierre claims that she was ready to give up on the race when she was vis­ited by The Lord in a dream and He told her, “Don’t be afraid; I am your friend. I am walk­ing with you side by side. You are not alone.” Pierre, who has pre­vi­ously claimed to have been the vic­tim of voodoo, imme­di­ately printed up cam­paign fliers which read, “Anna Pierre endorsed by Jesus Christ.” 

There may be hope for a man who had the intesti­nal for­ti­tude to pull his own sev­ered arm from machin­ery and drive more than 9
miles to a hos­pi­tal all the while hang­ing onto the limb. The 37-year-old was then flown to another facil­ity in Vienna, Aus­tria, where sur­geons are try­ing to reat­tach the limb, which Australia’s ABC News reports was sev­ered below the elbow. He man­aged not to bleed to death because he was in shock, police say.

7086Police say a Florida woman could face crim­i­nal charges after a gun in her purse went off acci­den­tally in a Star­bucks, shoot­ing her friend in the leg!  Pamela Beck, 51, and Amie Peter­son, 38, of Pinel­las Park had stopped for cof­fee and Beck dropped her purse while she was pay­ing.  The.25-caliber hand­gun in the purse dis­charged, hit­ting Peter­son in the leg.  Beck told police she put the gun in her purse after her father gave it to her last year and had for­got­ten about it.  Good lord, how big is her purse??  Because Beck does not have a con­cealed weapons per­mit, police referred the shoot­ing to prosecutors

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