Not the kind of shot she was hoping for

A North Miami mayoral candidate has picked up a key endorsement that should give her a huge boost in the race. Anna Pierre claims that she was ready to give up on the race when she was visited by The Lord in a dream and He told her, “Don’t be afraid; I am your friend. I am walking with you side by side. You are not alone.” Pierre, who has previously claimed to have been the victim of voodoo, immediately printed up campaign fliers which read, “Anna Pierre endorsed by Jesus Christ.” 

There may be hope for a man who had the intestinal fortitude to pull his own severed arm from machinery and drive more than 9
miles to a hospital all the while hanging onto the limb. The 37-year-old was then flown to another facility in Vienna, Austria, where surgeons are trying to reattach the limb, which Australia’s ABC News reports was severed below the elbow. He managed not to bleed to death because he was in shock, police say.

7086Police say a Florida woman could face criminal charges after a gun in her purse went off accidentally in a Starbucks, shooting her friend in the leg!  Pamela Beck, 51, and Amie Peterson, 38, of Pinellas Park had stopped for coffee and Beck dropped her purse while she was paying.  The.25-caliber handgun in the purse discharged, hitting Peterson in the leg.  Beck told police she put the gun in her purse after her father gave it to her last year and had forgotten about it.  Good lord, how big is her purse??  Because Beck does not have a concealed weapons permit, police referred the shooting to prosecutors

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