Not the smartest bug in the bed

When Yolanda Orozco bit into her Burger King ham­burger, she took a look to see if there were onions. Instead, what she found was a razor blade between the meat and cheese! Police deter­mined that it acci­den­tally ended up in the burger. As offi­cers checked out the restau­rant, “we saw the dis­con­cert­ing sign of three other razor blades in close prox­im­ity to food,” says one. Employ­ees use them for clean­ing, and police found them above the condi­ments and burger warm­ing trays. One must have fallen onto Orozco’s burger, they say. The police inves­ti­ga­tion is closed, but the county’s Depart­ment of Envi­ron­men­tal Health is now look­ing into the matter.

Reuters has an amaz­ing tale of sur­vival from Nige­ria, where the cook on a tug­boat spent 60 hours trapped under­wa­ter in the sunken ves­sel and lived!  Har­ri­son Okene man­aged to find a 4-foot-high pocket of air after get­ting trapped in the toi­let and its adjoin­ing bed­room when the tug­boat went down in stormy seas off the coast. He kept his head above water until divers found him as they were search­ing for bodies—10 of Okene’s crew­mates drowned and another remains miss­ing. The salt water did a num­ber on his skin, but Okene is oth­er­wise OK after spend­ing another 60 hours in a decom­pres­sion cham­ber. He’s not rush­ing back to the sea, however.

spray fireA Philadel­phia man was so bugged by an insect infes­ta­tion that he decided to try his own method of exter­mi­nat­ing the crit­ters and burned his house down in the process. The uniden­ti­fied man was try­ing to get rid of bed­bugs that had invaded his home when he set up a home­made con­trap­tion that included a hair dryer and a heat gun nor­mally used to strip lay­ers of paint from walls. The com­bi­na­tion appar­ently ignited fur­ni­ture in a bed­room and quickly con­sumed the entire sec­ond floor of the struc­ture!  No word on whether or not the bugs made it out alive.

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