Not the smartest bug in the bed

When Yolanda Orozco bit into her Burger King hamburger, she took a look to see if there were onions. Instead, what she found was a razor blade between the meat and cheese! Police determined that it accidentally ended up in the burger. As officers checked out the restaurant, “we saw the disconcerting sign of three other razor blades in close proximity to food,” says one. Employees use them for cleaning, and police found them above the condiments and burger warming trays. One must have fallen onto Orozco’s burger, they say. The police investigation is closed, but the county’s Department of Environmental Health is now looking into the matter.

Reuters has an amazing tale of survival from Nigeria, where the cook on a tugboat spent 60 hours trapped underwater in the sunken vessel and lived!  Harrison Okene managed to find a 4-foot-high pocket of air after getting trapped in the toilet and its adjoining bedroom when the tugboat went down in stormy seas off the coast. He kept his head above water until divers found him as they were searching for bodies—10 of Okene’s crewmates drowned and another remains missing. The salt water did a number on his skin, but Okene is otherwise OK after spending another 60 hours in a decompression chamber. He’s not rushing back to the sea, however.

spray fireA Philadelphia man was so bugged by an insect infestation that he decided to try his own method of exterminating the critters and burned his house down in the process. The unidentified man was trying to get rid of bedbugs that had invaded his home when he set up a homemade contraption that included a hair dryer and a heat gun normally used to strip layers of paint from walls. The combination apparently ignited furniture in a bedroom and quickly consumed the entire second floor of the structure!  No word on whether or not the bugs made it out alive.

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