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jade davis from kbear 101

Jade Davis has been with KBEAR more than most of you have been alive.  He lives, eats, breaths and  records his own music.  He may do other things with it to but we’ll leave those to the imagination. 

When Jade isn’t in the studio cranking out KBEAR tunes you can find him in his own recording studio, playing catch with his 2 hairy children, changing the diaper of his “not so hairy” child or possibly hanging out on the deck of The Frosty Gator having a cold one.  

Listen to Jade every weekday 10a – 2p

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Posts From Jade

My Sleeve Start To Finish

I love having a full sleeve tattoo. It can be a great conversation starter…..and some of the looks I get from the judgemental idiots out there is pretty entertaining too. If you want to see the whole process of getting a sleeve check the video below. Its 32 hours of needle in skin time put […]

Posts From Jade

My Sleeve part 3 (Color) 6th session

My Sleeve is done. Wooohooo!! Its been a long journey and completely worth it. I am beyond stoked at how well it turned out. Kyle at WGF Tattoo: The Ones Your Mother Told You About does some absolutely amazing work. If you ever want to get some ink done I highly recommend any of the guys(Aramis, […]

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My Sleeve part 3 (Color) 5th session

There’s something about getting a new tattoo that just gives you an indescribable feeling. I get all my ink done at WGF Tattoo: The Ones Your Mother Told You About. If you want a new tattoo…..WGF Tattoo is where you should go. Jade

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My Sleeve part 3 (Color) 4th session

Tattoos can be a great way of self expression…..but you’ll want to make sure its a quality tattoo. That’s why I go to WGF Tattoo for all of my ink. Check out the video of the 4th color session for my sleeve that I’ve been working on with Kyle at WGF Tattoo then go get […]

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My Sleeve part 3 (Color) 3rd session

WGF Tattoo is the only place I’ll get my ink done. If you want some new ink WGF Tattoo is the place to go. Find them on the corner of First and Woodruff in Idaho Falls.

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My Sleeve part 3 (Color) 2nd session

Having a full sleeve tattoo is quite entertaining. The reactions you get out in public are pretty priceless I must say. If you’ve been wanting a sleeve or even something smaller….there’s no better place to get the work done than WGF Tattoo in Idaho Falls. Aramis, Kyle and Hogan are great at what they do […]

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My Sleeve part 3 (Color) 1st session

As you know I’ve been working on my Sleeve for a few months now with Kyle from WGF Tattoo. We pretty much have it completed now and I couldn’t be happier. Kyle does some amazing work. If you’re looking to get some new ink I highly recommend any of the guys (Aramis, Kyle or Hogan) at […]

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My Sleeve part 2 (Shading)

My Sleeve is coming along rather nicely. This last weekend Kyle was able to get all the black work and shading done. If you want your own tattoo from Kyle give him a visit dur­ing Walk in Wednes­days at WGF Tat­too: The Ones Your Mother Told You About.….find them on Face­book by click­ing HERE. Give […]