Kat Sexton

Kat Sexton

 Kat is fairly new to the world of radio, how­ever music has always been a huge part of her life! Live music is some­thing that Kat is extremely pas­sion­ate about and it all started when she saw Avenged Sen­ven­fold in 2008.  She’s been hooked to live music ever since!  Recently she dis­cov­ered the incred­i­ble local music scene through­out South East Idaho and has goals and dreams to see it grow and thrive to its fullest poten­tial. Kat believes that every fan should be able to feel the raw eupho­ria  at a con­cert as well as every artist should be able to feel the rush of adren­a­line felt while up on stage play­ing in front of thou­sands of peo­ple. Her plans are to pro­mote local music and to be part of what helps bring more local music to South­east Idaho on KBEAR 101!

Catch Kat on 4 Locals Only every Sun­day at 5pm

 If you’re in a band and want your music heard, send it to kat@kbear.fm or drop it off at our stu­dios at 400 West Sun­ny­side in Idaho Falls.