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Viktor Wilt was born and raised in East Idaho, making his broadcast debut at the age of 14 on his self-produced, live call-in public access TV show “Megalomania”. After spending his early teen years rocking the East Idaho music scene within a variety of local metal bands, he shifted his focus away from broadcast at age 17 and set his attention on music composition and live performance. At the age of 25 he decided it was time to get a “real job” if he wanted to be able to afford to play “rock star”, so he decided to head back to the broadcasting world. A well-timed phone call with the program director at KBEAR landed him the opportunity to learn the ropes from the very bottom rung of the radio world. From weekends he worked his way into weekday mid-days, then afternoon drive time, where he was the #1 most-listened-to afternoon radio personality by men in East Idaho in 2014. He then made the jump to mornings on KBear, where he now hosts The Viktor Wilt Show weekday mornings from 6AM-10AM. You can also catch him along with Jade Davis and Brad Royal during The Noon Hour Of Madness And Mayhem every weekday at noon, and on Jenkshow every Saturday night from 10PM-1AM.

Aside from being a hard-core music fanatic and musician devoted to the local music scene, he is obsessed with radio and podcasting, is a collector of books that wishes he could find a lot more spare time to actually sit down and read, loves the outdoors and is a bit fanatical about Yellowstone and other state/national parks, is a road-trippin’ fool who loves to vacation and travel with his sexy front-woman rocker of a wife, a father of two pre-teen daughters who currently love Z103 yet he is confident will one day be rocking prog-metal, servant to a couple of moody aging house cats, a microbrew and stand-up comedy enthusiast, a guy who makes sure to keep up his video game chops, and is just plain all-about enjoying life as much as humanly possible.

Weekdays  6am-10am


6:00AM- The Metal Morning Wake-Up Call

6:45- The DBag of the Day

7:30- Cue The Outrage

7:45- Freak News