One bummed out burgler

Don’t daw­dle in the drive through while Sergeant Scott Biumi is around!  Appar­ently, the off duty offi­cer thought the teenagers ahead of him were tak­ing too long to place an order, so he decided to speed things along by lung­ing through the driver’s side win­dow with his gun drawn. A sur­veil­lance tape led to Biumi’s arrest just hours later.

sad-burglarA masked Phillip Stein­berg walked into a pizza place near Tampa and demanded the cashier fork over all their cash, but she thought his attempt was so cheesy that she just burst into gig­gles. When he tried a sec­ond time, she again shook her head and laughed, flus­ter­ing him so much that he removed his ski mask and sped off in a car. Cops quickly got on Steinberg’s trail and found the car, which he had bor­rowed from a friend, who gave them per­mis­sion to con­duct a search – which turned up the ski mask. Stein­berg was booked on one count of armed robbery.

Inves­ti­ga­tors said res­i­dents of Villa Del Mar apart­ments in Alta­monte Springs called 911 to report a man later iden­ti­fied as Rus­sell Dasaro who was jog­ging and loung­ing par­tially nude…in view of chil­dren at the com­plex. Police said Dasaro was wear­ing only a T-shirt and sit­ting on an air-conditioning unit when they arrived. Dasaro appeared intox­i­cat­ed­but said he was not on drugs and had con­sumed only two beers. Dasaro, a res­i­dent of the com­plex, told police he was “tak­ing pic­tures and sight­see­ing.” He was arrested on charges of inde­cent expo­sure and dis­or­derly intoxication.

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