One bummed out burgler

Don’t dawdle in the drive through while Sergeant Scott Biumi is around!  Apparently, the off duty officer thought the teenagers ahead of him were taking too long to place an order, so he decided to speed things along by lunging through the driver’s side window with his gun drawn. A surveillance tape led to Biumi’s arrest just hours later.

sad-burglarA masked Phillip Steinberg walked into a pizza place near Tampa and demanded the cashier fork over all their cash, but she thought his attempt was so cheesy that she just burst into giggles. When he tried a second time, she again shook her head and laughed, flustering him so much that he removed his ski mask and sped off in a car. Cops quickly got on Steinberg’s trail and found the car, which he had borrowed from a friend, who gave them permission to conduct a search – which turned up the ski mask. Steinberg was booked on one count of armed robbery.

Investigators said residents of Villa Del Mar apartments in Altamonte Springs called 911 to report a man later identified as Russell Dasaro who was jogging and lounging partially nude…in view of children at the complex. Police said Dasaro was wearing only a T-shirt and sitting on an air-conditioning unit when they arrived. Dasaro appeared intoxicatedbut said he was not on drugs and had consumed only two beers. Dasaro, a resident of the complex, told police he was “taking pictures and sightseeing.” He was arrested on charges of indecent exposure and disorderly intoxication.

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