One splash or two?

A Virginia jury has ordered a 53-year-old man to pay $5,001 to his former coworker after he admitted to yellow coffeeputting something in his coffee — and it wasn’t cream and sugar. A jury in Culpeper County
Circuit Court ordered James Carroll Butler to pay Michael Utz for spiking his coffee pot with pee in March 2009 while they were both working at the town’s wastewater plant.  The plant mechanic had been seeking $378,000 in compensatory damages and $350,000 in punitive damages.

Florida woman Sandra Suarez propositioned a McDonald’s worker in the parking lot. When he declined the offer, she stormed into the joint wearing nothing but a G-string and went on a rampage, knocking over a cabinet filled with utensils, then straddling the soft-serve machine, spewing its contents directly into her mouth.  Suarez says she does not remember most of the incident and blamed it on bipolar disorder.

Maine man Douglas Glidden was stopped by an officer who recognized him from an earlier traffic violation – one that resulted in him having his license suspended.  Since the deputy knew Glidden wasn’t allowed on the road, turned up a bag of weed – which Glidden denied knowledge of, claiming he’d just stolen the car without realizing what was in it.  Glidden was booked on charges of auto theft and operating a vehicle under the influence of marijuana, which turned out to be his after all.  He must have forgot…

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