Party "foul"

A 33-year-old man in Sin­ga­pore has spent nearly $392,000 over 20 years col­lect­ing one thing – dolls. Jian Yang’s boy­hood inter­est turned into an obses­sion when his par­ents wouldn’t allow him to own a Bar­bie. So when he turned 13 and started earn­ing his own allowance he bought him­self a Bar­bie or 6000.  Yes, he has 6,000 dolls in his town­house. Not sur­pris­ingly, he says it’s some­thing that hasn’t gone over well with his girl­friends. “They look at dolls and go, ‘OK, that’s the com­pe­ti­tion,’ which is quite trou­bling but it’s a real­ity.” Hmmm, not competition…just unset­tling.

Mar­i­onville, Mo., liquor store clerk Jon Alexan­der was work­ing his shift on Sun­day night when a would-be rob­ber walked in smok­ing a cig­a­rette. When Alexan­der told him to put it out, the man report­edly told him, instead, to hand over the cash in his reg­is­ter. Alexan­der wasn’t hav­ing it and “used his left hand to push the robber’s hand­gun back while — in a smooth but rapid motion — pulling and swing­ing his 9 mm into the robber’s face!” The rob­ber took the next moment to walk out of the store.

ROBERT-PRY-largeRobert Pry was dis­cov­ered passed out in the stor­age room of a Jones­boro, Ark., Kmart on the morn­ing of Sept. 1. The 21-year-old was found “cov­ered in vomit and urine” with 16 empty cans of air duster nearby. Pry report­edly told offi­cers that he’d hid out in the store until it closed, then found the air duster and “huffed all night long.” Police also found sev­eral more empty cans of duster in a truck that Pry said he’d bor­rowed from a friend. Pry told police he’d spent $100 on duster at Wal­mart, and staged the alleged bur­glary at Kmart after he’d ran out. Accord­ing to the police, Pry said he was “addicted to huff­ing.” No kid­ding.

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