Party Llama

llama drunk teensA gaggle of drunken French students caused some drama with a llama – by nabbing the critter from a closed-down circus and taking it on a joyride that included a trip on their hometown’s mass transit system!  The five teens were looped when they sneaked onto the circus grounds with the intention of riding off on a zebra, but when they tried to get it to mosey along with them, it balked – leading them to settle for the much friendlier llama. But said that the train conductor didn’t look too kindly on the presence of the beast and forced them onto the platform, where they abandoned the llama, tying him to a lamppost.  Police opted not to press charges for the woolly night out, and the llama now has a sizable Facebook following.

British cops responding to a 911 call marked by loud shrieking broke into an apartment after no one answered the door … only to find the place empty. The officers forced their way into James Cocksedge’s apartment following the bizarre emergency call, fearing the worst, but all they found was a kitten – named Bruce – hiding behind a cabinet and meowing. Cocksedge, who returned home to find his door knocked off its hinges, said, “Since we had the landline installed Bruce always rushes to answer the phone when it rings. He’s also fascinated by the buttons, which he loves to press.”

No one is entirely sure how 19-year-old Asher Vongtau wound up wedged in the 18- to 24-inch-wide space between a New York University dorm and a neighboring parking garage, but that’s where the missing student was found last night, some 36 hours after his friends first tried to report him missing. A school security officer heard him moaning for help, and summoned firefighters, who burst through the cinder block wall, gave him oxygen and IV fluids, and whisked him to the hospital. Vongtau’s mother calls her son “the most responsible kid in the world.”  But he just can’t lay off the crack.

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