Party Llama

llama drunk teensA gag­gle of drunken French stu­dents caused some drama with a llama – by nab­bing the crit­ter from a closed-down cir­cus and tak­ing it on a joyride that included a trip on their hometown’s mass tran­sit sys­tem!  The five teens were looped when they sneaked onto the cir­cus grounds with the inten­tion of rid­ing off on a zebra, but when they tried to get it to mosey along with them, it balked – lead­ing them to set­tle for the much friend­lier llama. But said that the train con­duc­tor didn’t look too kindly on the pres­ence of the beast and forced them onto the plat­form, where they aban­doned the llama, tying him to a lamp­post.  Police opted not to press charges for the woolly night out, and the llama now has a siz­able Face­book following.

British cops respond­ing to a 911 call marked by loud shriek­ing broke into an apart­ment after no one answered the door … only to find the place empty. The offi­cers forced their way into James Cocksedge’s apart­ment fol­low­ing the bizarre emer­gency call, fear­ing the worst, but all they found was a kit­ten – named Bruce – hid­ing behind a cab­i­net and meow­ing. Cocksedge, who returned home to find his door knocked off its hinges, said, “Since we had the land­line installed Bruce always rushes to answer the phone when it rings. He’s also fas­ci­nated by the but­tons, which he loves to press.”

No one is entirely sure how 19-year-old Asher Vong­tau wound up wedged in the 18– to 24-inch-wide space between a New York Uni­ver­sity dorm and a neigh­bor­ing park­ing garage, but that’s where the miss­ing stu­dent was found last night, some 36 hours after his friends first tried to report him miss­ing. A school secu­rity offi­cer heard him moan­ing for help, and sum­moned fire­fight­ers, who burst through the cin­der block wall, gave him oxy­gen and IV flu­ids, and whisked him to the hos­pi­tal. Vongtau’s mother calls her son “the most respon­si­ble kid in the world.”  But he just can’t lay off the crack.

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