Peaceful queezy feeling

 You see some­one smash­ing a ham­mer into a house you’ve been ren­o­vat­ing. You call 911 and run inside, where you find four boys, aged between eight and 10, van­dal­iz­ing the house. What do you do? New York county man Jesse Daniels decided to put the kids in a closet until the cops arrived. A move that could now send him to jail with charges of endan­ger­ing the wel­fare of a child. Daniels says, “I said lis­ten you guys are stay­ing here until the police come, period,” he says. But the boys and their par­ents tell a dif­fer­ent story. They say Daniels threat­ened the kids with the ham­mer and grabbed one boy by the throat. The kids face felony charges of sec­ond degree bur­glary and sec­ond degree crim­i­nal mischief.

 A Pol­ish man was planted behind bars after he decided to give his girl­friend a bou­quet of roses.  The guy got into the sit­u­a­tion when he decided that some flow­ers might help him win back his lady friend – who’d recently bro­ken up with him – but he didn’t have the cash. He waited until the store owner wasn’t look­ing and grabbed the roses – in full view of thou­sands of TV view­ers!  Turns out a TV crew was broad­cast­ing live from across the street!! The reporter on the scene didn’t catch the action either, but hun­dreds of bud­ding detec­tives who were tuned in did, and flooded police lines with calls about the inci­dent – lead­ing to the man’s arrest.  Well, it’s the thought that counts.

vomit-6(7)Ever get that awful feel­ing in the pit of your stom­ach when you see a flash­ing police light in your rear-view mir­ror? Well, so did one Florida man.  Ryan Fletcher took off after slam­ming his car into another vehi­cle on a high­way and was chased by cops but stopped shortly after the chase began. The offi­cer put a breath­a­lyzer device in the mouth of a “vis­i­bly intox­i­cated” Fletcher, who promptly began heav­ing and spewed it out in a tor­rent of puke, which drenched the patrol car!  He was charged with DUI – the third time he’d been nabbed for that – and leav­ing the scene of an accident.

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