Penny for your hiding place?

An amazing story out of Albuquerque began unfolding Wednesday evening, when witnesses saw a man force a 5-year-old girl into his
car and drive off, reports NPR. Those witnesses ran to the girl’s home and told her mother, who immediately got into her car and
started chasing the kidnapper!  What she didn’t know is that the abductor pushed her daughter out of the car after about a block, apparently rattled by people shouting at him. (The girl is fine.) The mom, talking to police by phone the whole time, eventually rammed the man’s car after seven miles, and he escaped on foot.  Police today arrested David Jesus Hernandez, 31, on kidnapping and abuse charges. A young girl from the same apartment complex was kidnapped and assaulted last week before escaping, and police say Hernandez
matches the description of that assailant.

A Washington woman whose car was stolen from her apartment complex saw the stolen SUV hours later — in the drive-thru of the
McDonald’s restaurant where she works. Owner Virginia Maiden called police and officers arrested the driver, a 22-year-old Kennewick woman, at the restaurant. Police found clothes in the car that had been stolen from department stores.

computer buriedWhen police responded to a burglary call at Michael Sherman’s neighbor’s Vero Beach, Florida, house they found roughly 40 coins strewn on the ground outside it, forming a distinct trail leading to Sherman’s house … and a large amount of change just happened  to be among the items reported stolen.  When police searched Sherman’s house, they found more of the neighbor’s property, including ammunition and a computer that had been buried in the backyard. Also stolen were a pistol, two rifles, and a samurai-style sword. Sherman confessed to the theft when questioned, saying he sold the guns to buy a prescription painkiller…which apparently shut off his brain.


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