Permanent stash

moustacheFake mustaches in surgery are no laughing matter: That’s the hard lesson staffers at Southern California’s Torrance Memorial Medical Center are learning now in the wake of a lawsuit from a female patient. The woman in question also works at the hospital as a surgical supply purchaser and is suing the facility after her caretakers drew a mustache and plastered fake tear drop stickers on her face while she was under anesthesia. The lawsuit maintains that the hospital violated her dignity and endangered her health. Torrance Medical says the incident “regrettably” happened, but insists the prank was “intended to be humorous in nature.” 

A man was arrested for breach of peace after he saw a man with a gun in a Glastonbury, Conn., bank, and attempted to warn a teller with a note he wrote that read “gun”!  Actually, the holder of the gun had no ill intent and was legally permitted to carry it, and so Robert Gursky, 50, wasarrested after alarming the staff. Gursky was released on a promise to appear in court Sept. 25.

A bank robber in Oregon ended up locked away after he failed to remember the key to a good escape!  Andrew Frank Laviguer pulled what turned out to be a toy gun at a Wells Fargo branch and demanded the teller hand over all the cash she could get her hands on. She did as told and Laviguer took off  – not realizing he wouldn’t be able to get as far as he’d hoped without his keys. With no wheels, the 57-year-old bolted to a nearby office building, where a surveillance camera led cops to him in no time flat. He’s currently awaiting charges on the bank heist as well as several other stickups.

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