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moustacheFake mus­taches in surgery are no laugh­ing mat­ter: That’s the hard les­son staffers at South­ern California’s Tor­rance Memo­r­ial Med­ical Cen­ter are learn­ing now in the wake of a law­suit from a female patient. The woman in ques­tion also works at the hos­pi­tal as a sur­gi­cal sup­ply pur­chaser and is suing the facil­ity after her care­tak­ers drew a mus­tache and plas­tered fake tear drop stick­ers on her face while she was under anes­the­sia. The law­suit main­tains that the hos­pi­tal vio­lated her dig­nity and endan­gered her health. Tor­rance Med­ical says the inci­dent “regret­tably” hap­pened, but insists the prank was “intended to be humor­ous in nature.” 

A man was arrested for breach of peace after he saw a man with a gun in a Glas­ton­bury, Conn., bank, and attempted to warn a teller with a note he wrote that read “gun”!  Actu­ally, the holder of the gun had no ill intent and was legally per­mit­ted to carry it, and so Robert Gursky, 50, wasar­rested after alarm­ing the staff. Gursky was released on a promise to appear in court Sept. 25.

A bank rob­ber in Ore­gon ended up locked away after he failed to remem­ber the key to a good escape!  Andrew Frank Lav­iguer pulled what turned out to be a toy gun at a Wells Fargo branch and demanded the teller hand over all the cash she could get her hands on. She did as told and Lav­iguer took off  – not real­iz­ing he wouldn’t be able to get as far as he’d hoped with­out his keys. With no wheels, the 57-year-old bolted to a nearby office build­ing, where a sur­veil­lance cam­era led cops to him in no time flat. He’s cur­rently await­ing charges on the bank heist as well as sev­eral other stickups.

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