Dog Classifications

Man’s best friend comes in all shapes, sizes, and col­ors. Dogs are loyal pets that can be eas­ily trained and a great asset to your fam­ily. There are many breeds to choose from and the best thing to do is exam­ine the dif­fer­ent groups of breeds to find the best breed for your family.

  • Sport­ing Group– This group con­sists of pop­u­lar breeds like retriev­ers, spaniels, set­ters, and point­ers. They are often used for hunt­ing and have a high train­abil­ity. They are gen­tle in nature and are great fam­ily pets. Being great with fam­i­lies also makes this group excel­lent can­di­dates for ser­vice pets.
  • Non-Sporting Group– This group is com­prised of dogs that are slightly too big to be con­sid­ered a toy group breed. Breeds like bull­dogs, poo­dles, and a Bichon Frise are in this group. They have dif­fer­ent tem­pera­ments and this breed can be very unpredictable.
  • Toy Group– The lit­tle dogs such as Pomera­ni­ans, Chi­huahuas, and pugs belong in this group. These dogs are loyal and intel­li­gent. They love atten­tion and aside from their vocal nature, they are great dogs if you are will­ing to be with them a lot.
  • Mixed Breeds– If you can’t decide which breed you like more you can always look into a dog that is a mix of your favorite breeds. These dogs usu­ally out­num­ber pure-bred dogs. These dogs are great but you have to do your home­work on the tem­pera­ment they could pos­si­bly have accord­ing to the mix of breeds.

Dogs can be a great asset to you and your fam­ily. Whether you are look­ing for a loyal com­pan­ion or a pet that can help you hunt, you can never go wrong with a dog.

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