The Facts about Spaying/Neutering Pets

Spay­ing and neu­ter­ing your pets helps pre­vent the over­pop­u­la­tion of pets.  It is highly rec­om­mended by the Humane Soci­ety to help ease the bur­den that shel­ters shoul­der car­ing for home­less ani­mals. You can spay/neuter your pet as early as eight weeks of age.

Neu­ter­ing your pet can help your pet be hap­pier, health­ier, and give them a longer life. Spay­ing your female pets will also help con­trol behav­iors that are asso­ci­ated with the heat cycle. Neu­ter­ing your male dogs will elim­i­nate the bad habits that come along with your pet’s sex­ual drives.

Many peo­ple think that they should spay/neuter their pets but the cost deters them. Most ani­mal shel­ters have low cost options that will allow you to do the best you can for your pet. In the long run, spaying/neutering your pet will be cheaper than your pet repro­duc­ing and hav­ing to han­dle the offspring.

The best thing to do is to talk to your vet­eri­nar­ian or look up what options are avail­able so that you can do the best thing for you and your pet.  For addi­tional infor­ma­tion, hit the link below: