Why Adopt a Pet?

There are a num­ber of options at your dis­posal if you’re look­ing to pick up a pet. You can buy one from a pet store or get a puppy or kitty from a friend. Yet another option is adopt­ing a pet from a shel­ter. If you’re won­der­ing what advan­tages come along with adop­tion a pet from a shel­ter, here’s a quick list of just a few pros.

  • You’ll save a life. Shel­ters euth­a­nize mil­lions of ani­mals every year in the U.S. If you adopt a pet from a shel­ter, you’ll keep that ani­mal from need­lessly los­ing its life.
  • Your pet will be prepped. Most shel­ters exam­ine and vac­ci­nate ani­mals when they come in, and will spay or neuter them before they are adopted.
  • Save some money. Buy­ing a pet from a pet store can cost hun­dreds of dol­lars, and that’s before fees for vac­ci­na­tions or spay­ing or neu­ter­ing. Shel­ters charge a nom­i­nal fee and then you’re set.
  • Bet­ter behaved ani­mals. Pup­pies and kit­ties are great, but they can be a lot of work. Many adult ani­mals are already house­bro­ken and trained to behave. They’ve also matured enough that the youth­ful has dis­si­pated, and that means less bit­ing, chew­ing, and clawing.
  • Great selec­tion. You’ll have your pick of many breeds of dogs and cats. There’s a must bet­ter chance that you’ll find the per­fect pet for you.
  • You don’t sup­port puppy mills. Many pup­pies in pet stores are bred in facil­i­ties that serve only to pump out an many pup­pies as pos­si­ble. Adopt­ing from a shel­ter doesn’t sup­port these inhu­mane facilities.

So, if you’re look­ing to adopt a pet, check out your local shel­ter. You’ll be doing your­self and a really great ani­mal and big favor.