Pizza or DIE!!

Inves­ti­ga­tors a bank rob­bery sus­pect walked into the Chase branch in the Gar­ment Dis­trict New York and handed a note to a teller read­ing: “I have a bomb. Give me some money now.” Teller Melinda Lewis told the man she doesn’t read notes and instructed him to fill out a with­drawal slip. The man wrote the same note on the slip and Lewis instructed him to swipe his bank card while telling a col­league in Span­ish that she was being robbed. The rob­ber was quoted as say­ing “Ma’am, I ain’t got no time for this,” and grabbed a fist­ful of lol­lipops then high tailed it out of the bank. Police said the sus­pect — who has not been iden­ti­fied is believed to have taken a total of about $300 in rob­beries at a Fed Ex office, Modell’s sport­ing goods store and an IHOP restaurant.

scary pizzaHave you ever got a pizza crav­ing so intense that you’re like, “I would totally take four peo­ple hostage for sev­eral hours in order to get my hands on some pizza right now?”  Yes­ter­day, a man in south­ern Rus­sia did just that, burst­ing into a col­lege and bar­ri­cad­ing him­self in a class­room with two stu­dents, a teacher, and a jan­i­tor. Accord­ing to a police spokesman, “His only demand was a pizza and Sprite.” Police evac­u­ated the area and deliv­ered the man’s desired meal, at which point he released his hostages unharmed. Just one more piece of evi­dence that pizza is the most pow­er­ful drug of all.

Clif­ford Smith  and some other peo­ple were hav­ing din­ner when an uniden­ti­fied woman, who was wheel­chair bound, grabbed the last piece of chicken and began eat­ing it. Lit­tle did she know that Smith had his eye on the last piece – and became enraged!  Police say that Smith hit the woman then picked up a beer bot­tle and smashed it against the wall. He then report­edly took his hands, placed them around the woman’s neck and began to choke her. She tried to call 911 but Smith took the phone and smashed it into pieces.  Wit­nesses called police and Smith was placed under arrest.

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