Plumbing is not his guy's forte

A Chi­nese man learned a lot about his plumb­ing – and the plumb­ing in his apart­ment – while doing what he called “home stuck in a pipeimprove­ments.” Lian Tien says that exces­sive heat forced him to take off all his cloth­ing while he was paint­ing, and claims that he slipped while try­ing to get off the lad­der he was using – falling awk­wardly and get­ting his pipe stuck in a plumb­ing pipe. He couldn’t move, and was so embar­rassed that he stayed that way for two whole days, call­ing for help only when he started to feel ill. He said, “I thought that no one would believe me (of course they wouldn’t) and I tried every­thing I could think of to get the thing off once it had got stuck.”  Fire­fight­ers needed four hours of care­ful cut­ting to free Tien once and for all.

68-year-old Mar­garet Ann Klemm and her 49-year-old boy toy David Bobilya, were approached by cops after res­i­dents com­plained about the two get­ting it on in the town square of The Vil­lages – a 55-and-older com­mu­nity! Police say that when they found them, they were both naked from the waist down and clearly intox­i­cated. They were arrested on inde­cent expo­sure and dis­or­derly con­duct charges. Klemm’s arrest came only four days after she pleaded guilty for dri­ving a golf cart while drunk.

Drunk, naked and steal­ing candy is no way to go through life. A 50-year-old Mary­land man was arrested after he stum­bled into a Sub­way restau­rant drunk and wear­ing only shorts and white socks, and then tried to steal candy. James Dean Wirick was charged with theft and dis­or­derly con­duct. But then while being held at the deten­tion cen­ter, he ripped a tele­phone out of the wall and received an addi­tional charge of destruc­tion of property.


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