Plumbing is not his guy's forte

A Chinese man learned a lot about his plumbing – and the plumbing in his apartment – while doing what he called “home stuck in a pipeimprovements.” Lian Tien says that excessive heat forced him to take off all his clothing while he was painting, and claims that he slipped while trying to get off the ladder he was using – falling awkwardly and getting his pipe stuck in a plumbing pipe. He couldn’t move, and was so embarrassed that he stayed that way for two whole days, calling for help only when he started to feel ill. He said, “I thought that no one would believe me (of course they wouldn’t) and I tried everything I could think of to get the thing off once it had got stuck.”  Firefighters needed four hours of careful cutting to free Tien once and for all.

68-year-old Margaret Ann Klemm and her 49-year-old boy toy David Bobilya, were approached by cops after residents complained about the two getting it on in the town square of The Villages – a 55-and-older community! Police say that when they found them, they were both naked from the waist down and clearly intoxicated. They were arrested on indecent exposure and disorderly conduct charges. Klemm’s arrest came only four days after she pleaded guilty for driving a golf cart while drunk.

Drunk, naked and stealing candy is no way to go through life. A 50-year-old Maryland man was arrested after he stumbled into a Subway restaurant drunk and wearing only shorts and white socks, and then tried to steal candy. James Dean Wirick was charged with theft and disorderly conduct. But then while being held at the detention center, he ripped a telephone out of the wall and received an additional charge of destruction of property.


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