Potato plunder

A Rhode Island man tried his luck at rob­bing a con­ve­nience store, where he bran­dished the scari­est Potatoweapon of all….a tater!  The employee chased him off with a base­ball bat. Then he went around the cor­ner to try again at a Laun­dro­mat, shout­ing, “I need money.” A clerk there saw the spud and walked away from her suds long enough to give him a coun­ter­feit 20-dollar bill from a reg­is­ter stocked for just such occa­sions. The wanna-be thief fled, and is still at large.

Chiu Xiang [pr: CHOO shang] hatched a plot after the owner of his com­pany didn’t pay him for sev­eral weeks, prompt­ing him to quit his job in anger. Xiang then called a local poul­try dis­trib­u­tor and had him deliver 1130 live ducks to his for­mer employer, who would be required to pay cash on deliv­ery. The plan didn’t go exactly as Xiang thought, and he ended up hav­ing to pay the costs for the prank– although he did get a nego­ti­ated work set­tle­ment from his for­mer boss.

Police in Knox County, Ten­nessee, say 25-year-old Zach­ery Lodg­son texted his mom to say that drug deal­ers were going to kill him if she didn’t pay $200. Instead of cough­ing up the cash she called the cops, who set up a fake money drop and arrested Lodg­son when he arrived to col­lect.  He is charged with fil­ing a false report and resist­ing arrest. 


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