Potato plunder

A Rhode Island man tried his luck at robbing a convenience store, where he brandished the scariest Potatoweapon of all….a tater!  The employee chased him off with a baseball bat. Then he went around the corner to try again at a Laundromat, shouting, “I need money.” A clerk there saw the spud and walked away from her suds long enough to give him a counterfeit 20-dollar bill from a register stocked for just such occasions. The wanna-be thief fled, and is still at large.

Chiu Xiang [pr: CHOO shang] hatched a plot after the owner of his company didn’t pay him for several weeks, prompting him to quit his job in anger. Xiang then called a local poultry distributor and had him deliver 1130 live ducks to his former employer, who would be required to pay cash on delivery. The plan didn’t go exactly as Xiang thought, and he ended up having to pay the costs for the prank– although he did get a negotiated work settlement from his former boss.

Police in Knox County, Tennessee, say 25-year-old Zachery Lodgson texted his mom to say that drug dealers were going to kill him if she didn’t pay $200. Instead of coughing up the cash she called the cops, who set up a fake money drop and arrested Lodgson when he arrived to collect.  He is charged with filing a false report and resisting arrest. 


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