Punch Drunk Love

The world of 3D print­ing con­tin­ues to impress: Now, experts have used it to replace three-quarters of a man’s skull. The team obtained images of the needed skull sec­tions using CT scans; they then made the replace­ment by lay­er­ing a spe­cial type of plas­tic known as PEKK, whose rough sur­face helps with bone cell growth, Sci­ence News reports. The FDA approved the process last month, and the surgery occurred March 4. Doc­tors will be mon­i­tor­ing the patient for any future complications.

booze-cruiseThis guy takes his booze cruise very seri­ously. A plea­sure cruise to the Florida Keys ended in cuffs for Robert “Bubba” Mar­tin, who punched his girlfriend’s father and bit the cap­tain after get­ting caught hav­ing sex in one of the boat’s bath­rooms!  Pas­sen­gers noti­fied an engi­neer on the Key West Express that Bubba was doing the nasty with his girl­friend in one of the men’s restrooms. When the father barged in to break up the party, Bubba came out swing­ing. The cap­tain restrained Bubba with zip ties, (You can’t restrain a man called BUBBA with zip ties!) but Bubba said he was dia­betic and that they were too tight. Promis­ing he would behave if the zip ties were removed, Bubba was released but bit the captain’s hand. He now faces mis­de­meanor charges of dis­or­derly intox­i­ca­tion and battery.

The thought of get­ting naked AFTER your wed­ding cer­e­mony is a good thing…during, not so much.  Espe­cially if it’s not you or your spouse to be!  A cou­ple in Charleston, South Car­olina were about to say their “I dos,” when a 20-year-old from Penn­syl­va­nia thought it would be cool to crash the cer­e­mony. Samuel James Den­gel was not a guest at the wed­ding, but his room at the local Dou­ble­tree over­looked the court­yard where the cer­e­mony was tak­ing place. Accord­ing to the mother of the bride, Samuel was watch­ing the cer­e­mony from his room, naked, with his fam­ily jew­els pressed against the win­dow. Another guest said he mooned the crowd. Den­gel was caught by police when he answered the door in noth­ing but a towel. He was charged with inde­cent exposure.

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