Punch Drunk Love

The world of 3D printing continues to impress: Now, experts have used it to replace three-quarters of a man’s skull. The team obtained images of the needed skull sections using CT scans; they then made the replacement by layering a special type of plastic known as PEKK, whose rough surface helps with bone cell growth, Science News reports. The FDA approved the process last month, and the surgery occurred March 4. Doctors will be monitoring the patient for any future complications.

booze-cruiseThis guy takes his booze cruise very seriously. A pleasure cruise to the Florida Keys ended in cuffs for Robert “Bubba” Martin, who punched his girlfriend’s father and bit the captain after getting caught having sex in one of the boat’s bathrooms!  Passengers notified an engineer on the Key West Express that Bubba was doing the nasty with his girlfriend in one of the men’s restrooms. When the father barged in to break up the party, Bubba came out swinging. The captain restrained Bubba with zip ties, (You can’t restrain a man called BUBBA with zip ties!) but Bubba said he was diabetic and that they were too tight. Promising he would behave if the zip ties were removed, Bubba was released but bit the captain’s hand. He now faces misdemeanor charges of disorderly intoxication and battery.

The thought of getting naked AFTER your wedding ceremony is a good thing…during, not so much.  Especially if it’s not you or your spouse to be!  A couple in Charleston, South Carolina were about to say their “I dos,” when a 20-year-old from Pennsylvania thought it would be cool to crash the ceremony. Samuel James Dengel was not a guest at the wedding, but his room at the local Doubletree overlooked the courtyard where the ceremony was taking place. According to the mother of the bride, Samuel was watching the ceremony from his room, naked, with his family jewels pressed against the window. Another guest said he mooned the crowd. Dengel was caught by police when he answered the door in nothing but a towel. He was charged with indecent exposure.

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