Punched in the Head Cheese

This guy will think twice before taking a nap on a plane after this incident! Tom Wagoner had been en route from Louisiana to California when he fell asleep and apparently went unnoticed when everyone else, including the crew, deplaned and shut the aircraft down for the night. When he awoke inside to darkness he called his girlfriend on his cell phone for help.  “What if I had a medical condition or a heart attack and I was dead?”  marod no ee

An Australian man is headed for the pen after a jury didn’t buy his claim that he was just holding a pen –when two women charged him with indecent exposure. Andrew Tiptree allegedly exposed himself in the front seat of his car while sitting in a restaurant parking lot, alarming two waitresses who were leaving work. In court, his lawyer insisted Tiptree was only using an over sized novelty pen, but the ladies were able to describe “unique and distinguishing” marks that proved otherwise.

mac and no cheeseAuthorities in South Carolina said they arrested a 20-year-old man accused of assaulting his father during an argument over macaroni and cheese! The Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office said Brian Rossi, 54, told deputies the incident began when he was “trying to make some macaroni and cheese for dinner” and he “discovered that there was only pasta and no more cheese packets!”  The sheriff’s office report said Rossi told his son, Alex, to “stop using all of the cheese packets!” Alex allegedly “ran after” his father during the argument “and began to punch him in the face and head!”  Alex Rossi, who had no visible injuries, was arrested and charged with misdemeanor assault and battery.

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