Keep That Cucumber Quiet!!

A Cana­dian man has found him­self in some­thing of a pickle after cops hauled him away from a pub­lic library for com­mit­ting a lewd act CMAP20120831H-026_C.jpg Gordon Spence HAS GROWN A VERY LARGE CUCUMBERwith a cucum­ber. Fred­er­ick Davis aroused sus­pi­cions from library work­ers when he sat down next to a woman and pulled out his lap­top – then bran­dished the veg­etable in a very creepy man­ner. The deputies who arrived to book him say they rec­og­nized him from a sim­i­lar inci­dent at a dif­fer­ent library back in April.


This week, five teenagers decided to drive around some Santa Fe, New Mex­ico neigh­bor­hoods and shoot ran­dom cars with BB guns. It would appear that they wound up shoot­ing the wrong person’s car, though. A vic­tim decided to chase after the teens, scar­ing them so much that the teens felt the need to call 911 for help! Police came right away and…arrested the teens. “In addi­tion to prop­erty dam­age, they also face drug para­pher­na­lia charges because police found mar­i­juana pipes in the car.”


The Wash­ing­ton man took off from Everett in the mobile home with police fol­low­ing him for more than an hour before he crashed into sev­eral cars and a home in Gran­ite Falls. After hit­ting the house, the dri­ver tried to flee on foot through other neigh­bor­hood homes — and ditched his clothes in the process. Wit­ness Bryan Crab­tree said, “We were hang­ing out and some­one went run­ning through the house in his under­wear. He said he was run­ning from the cops and asked for clothes, and we said no!” Despite the refusal the cul­prit found a pair of ladies jeans and a t-shirt on his way through any­way. That was the out­fit the unnamed man wore dur­ing his book­ing at the Sno­homish County Jail which prob­a­bly won’t bode well.

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