Keep That Cucumber Quiet!!

A Canadian man has found himself in something of a pickle after cops hauled him away from a public library for committing a lewd act CMAP20120831H-026_C.jpg Gordon Spence HAS GROWN A VERY LARGE CUCUMBERwith a cucumber. Frederick Davis aroused suspicions from library workers when he sat down next to a woman and pulled out his laptop – then brandished the vegetable in a very creepy manner. The deputies who arrived to book him say they recognized him from a similar incident at a different library back in April.


This week, five teenagers decided to drive around some Santa Fe, New Mexico neighborhoods and shoot random cars with BB guns. It would appear that they wound up shooting the wrong person’s car, though. A victim decided to chase after the teens, scaring them so much that the teens felt the need to call 911 for help! Police came right away and…arrested the teens. “In addition to property damage, they also face drug paraphernalia charges because police found marijuana pipes in the car.”


The Washington man took off from Everett in the mobile home with police following him for more than an hour before he crashed into several cars and a home in Granite Falls. After hitting the house, the driver tried to flee on foot through other neighborhood homes — and ditched his clothes in the process. Witness Bryan Crabtree said, “We were hanging out and someone went running through the house in his underwear. He said he was running from the cops and asked for clothes, and we said no!” Despite the refusal the culprit found a pair of ladies jeans and a t-shirt on his way through anyway. That was the outfit the unnamed man wore during his booking at the Snohomish County Jail which probably won’t bode well.

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