Quit clowning around!

A Dutch court has con­victed three men of threat­en­ing behav­ior after one dressed up as a clown and chased unsus­pect­ing cyclists with an Clown behind a bushax. A female bicy­clist was video­taped approach­ing the clown’s hid­ing place in bushes. The pros­e­cu­tors’ state­ment says the clown jumped out, screamed at the girl, raised the ax over his head and chased her down the street. Police said a male cyclist also was tar­geted. The two oth­ers filmed the prank and posted it on YouTube. The three men, who were not iden­ti­fied by court offi­cials, defended their actions as humor­ous.  All were sen­tenced to 40 hours’ com­mu­nity ser­vice.
A man and woman liv­ing together in the com­mu­nity of Sil­ver Val­ley in North Car­olina will have to look for a new home after their house was com­pletely lost to a fire early Mon­day morn­ing. It appears the inci­dent was avoid­able too – the man, whose name has not been given, started the fire after he tried blow­ing his nose while smok­ing at the same time. The tis­sue the man was blow­ing his nose into caught fire and then his attempts to stomp out the fire before it spread failed. No one was harmed.
The No. 1 thing Seat­tle police offi­cers noticed Sun­day at the East Precinct sta­tion was a fire in the alley. The next thing was No. 2. A man told offi­cers he had just relieved him­self and was burn­ing it in the alley! He said he did not know start­ing a fire was ille­gal and thought he did noth­ing wrong. Ummm, you just pooped behind a police sta­tion and then started it on fire! The online police blot­ter says fire­fight­ers put out the fire and hosed down the alley.

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