Hey, I've seen this before!

Some­times re-gifting is the only option. Whether you’re low on cash or you know some­one who would appre­ci­ate the gift much more than you.  But, there are still some rules to fol­low so you don’t end up being the re-gifting Dbag.


•Remem­ber who gave you the gift in the first place because you Do not want to re-gift some­thing to the same per­son that orig­i­nally gave it to you!

• Before re-gifting cloth­ing, remove deodor­ant dust from pits and crevices. (Seri­ously?  Would you re-gift already worn clothing??)


• Replace that crin­kled & torn wrap­ping paper, cheapo! And cross­ing out the name on the gift tag so you can re-use it is down­right miserly.

• Remem­ber to apply a price tag, and then remove most of it, reveal­ing just enough to look legit.

• Re-gifting a partially-used gift card is just tacky.

• Please, please, please for the love of Pete! No re-gifting under­wear, no home­made jel­lies, and no fruit­cake (because who knows how old it is to begin with…your “gift” could turn into a den­tist bill!)

Happy Re-gifting!

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