Hey, I've seen this before!

Sometimes re-gifting is the only option. Whether you’re low on cash or you know someone who would appreciate the gift much more than you.  But, there are still some rules to follow so you don’t end up being the re-gifting Dbag.


•Remember who gave you the gift in the first place because you Do not want to re-gift something to the same person that originally gave it to you!

• Before re-gifting clothing, remove deodorant dust from pits and crevices. (Seriously?  Would you re-gift already worn clothing??)


• Replace that crinkled & torn wrapping paper, cheapo! And crossing out the name on the gift tag so you can re-use it is downright miserly.

• Remember to apply a price tag, and then remove most of it, revealing just enough to look legit.

• Re-gifting a partially-used gift card is just tacky.

• Please, please, please for the love of Pete! No re-gifting underwear, no homemade jellies, and no fruitcake (because who knows how old it is to begin with…your “gift” could turn into a dentist bill!)

Happy Re-gifting!

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