Real men wear turtleneck sweaters

Cops actually descended on a vacant lot intending to bust the men on site for drug dealing, and they did manage to find a fair amount of cocaine and weed – but as a bonus, the officers stumbled into a large dog-fighting operation as well. Most of the two-legged mutts tried fleeing into nearby woods, but Edward Windham found out his pooch’s bite was worse than his bark, and got taken down by the dog big time. The dog who took a chunk out of Windham escaped, but the others were handed over to animal control.

Just in time for Halloween…a chilling crime is grabbing international headlines this week.  A local paper in Papua New Guinea reported Rex Eric was arrested by police after allegedly biting his daughter in the neck, eating her flesh and drinking her blood. The incident was observed by a pair of local boys who had climbed a nearby tree, the paper notes. Local government official John Kenny told the Post-Courier that even after being caught, Eric was just laughing at the boys and continued eating the flesh and sucking the blood!

turtleneck sweaterA Spirit Lake, Idaho councilman James “Jimmy” Brown Jr., is being investigated after an alleged altercation between himself, resident Eric Vangemert, and Vangemert’s wife, Randi.  Police say the incident happened in September in an alley behind a saloon, (this isn’t starting out very well) where Vangemert admitted to calling Brown a vulgar name. The brawl allegedly ended with Brown exposing man parts and saying to Vangemert’s wife, “This is what a real man looks like.”  (Bald, wearing a turtleneck sweater?)  According to court documents, Brown asked the Police Chief  if he was “exempt from the law because I’m a city council member.” (Pretty sure there’s no fine print saying its fine for a city official to brandish their willies in public). Brown is facing two misdemeanor charges of indecent exposure and battery.

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