Real men wear turtleneck sweaters

Cops actu­ally descended on a vacant lot intend­ing to bust the men on site for drug deal­ing, and they did man­age to find a fair amount of cocaine and weed – but as a bonus, the offi­cers stum­bled into a large dog-fighting oper­a­tion as well. Most of the two-legged mutts tried flee­ing into nearby woods, but Edward Wind­ham found out his pooch’s bite was worse than his bark, and got taken down by the dog big time. The dog who took a chunk out of Wind­ham escaped, but the oth­ers were handed over to ani­mal control.

Just in time for Halloween…a chill­ing crime is grab­bing inter­na­tional head­lines this week.  A local paper in Papua New Guinea reported Rex Eric was arrested by police after allegedly bit­ing his daugh­ter in the neck, eat­ing her flesh and drink­ing her blood. The inci­dent was observed by a pair of local boys who had climbed a nearby tree, the paper notes. Local gov­ern­ment offi­cial John Kenny told the Post-Courier that even after being caught, Eric was just laugh­ing at the boys and con­tin­ued eat­ing the flesh and suck­ing the blood!

turtleneck sweaterA Spirit Lake, Idaho coun­cil­man James “Jimmy” Brown Jr., is being inves­ti­gated after an alleged alter­ca­tion between him­self, res­i­dent Eric Vange­mert, and Vangemert’s wife, Randi.  Police say the inci­dent hap­pened in Sep­tem­ber in an alley behind a saloon, (this isn’t start­ing out very well) where Vange­mert admit­ted to call­ing Brown a vul­gar name. The brawl allegedly ended with Brown expos­ing man parts and say­ing to Vangemert’s wife, “This is what a real man looks like.”  (Bald, wear­ing a turtle­neck sweater?)  Accord­ing to court doc­u­ments, Brown asked the Police Chief  if he was “exempt from the law because I’m a city coun­cil mem­ber.” (Pretty sure there’s no fine print say­ing its fine for a city offi­cial to bran­dish their willies in pub­lic). Brown is fac­ing two mis­de­meanor charges of inde­cent expo­sure and battery.

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