Red Light Special

red lightInstead of the Kmart blue light spe­cial this guy ran with the red light spe­cial in Wal-Mart bath­room. Fos­ter Bil­lis allegedly took out ads on Craigslist offer­ing his ser­vices to prospec­tive clients, who he “checked out” dur­ing his overnight shifts at the mega-chain. An under­cover offi­cer responded to one of the ads and con­tacted Bil­lis, who agreed to bag his mer­chan­dise for a fee – then busted the 22-year-old in the men’s room.

A Texas home­owner says that he and his wife were fast asleep just before two in the morn­ing when he heard the ruckus and ended up stum­bling across a naked Sara Eliz­a­beth Soto lying in his tub, where she hadn’t even both­ered to turn on the water. Soto, who’s described as 4-foot-11 and 100 pounds, says that she entered the house through the doggy door because she needed to use a telephone.

At 3:30 a.m Joseph Car­rara of Port Orange allegedly rammed his car into the north­ern gate of the Volu­sia County Jail, nearly side swiped a deputy, then sped away. Deputies combed the area in search of Car­rara with lit­tle suc­cess. Then, at 4:20 a.m., Car­rara allegedly almost ran into a deputy’s patrol car in DeLand while speed­ing! Deputy Scott Ger­ing pulled Car­rara over. Car­rara admit­ted to being drunk and that he had dri­ven onto jail prop­erty, but denied he slammed into the jail’s north­ern perime­ter gates. Car­rara was charged with crim­i­nal mis­chief with dam­age to prop­erty, tres­pass­ing, dri­ving while intox­i­cated and reck­less dri­ving and taken back to jail.

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