Revenge is a sweet sign

A “cheat­ing” hus­band in Eng­land is the tar­get of a neg­a­tive poster cam­paign that is being car­ried out by his cheaterwife. The alleged adulterer’s wife is putting posters all over town in Prest­wich that show her cheat­ing husband’s face and list his name, date of birth and phone num­ber. “Local lying cheat­ing scum­bag. Mar­ried, father of 2,” the poster reads. “Ran out on fam­ily + left a note to inform them.” The posters have been put up at bus stops and place on lamp­posts and many peo­ple have seen them. Local res­i­dent Carla Moore says, “I think it’s hilar­i­ous. It serves him right if he’s left his wife like that, he shouldn’t just be allowed to get away with it.”
A Ten­nessee man was arrested at a bar near his home after he walked up to the joint’s ATM and tried to make a deposit but it wasn’t from his wal­let. Oh yes, Lon­nie Hut­ton was vis­i­bly intox­i­cated when he approached the machine, dropped his pants. A bar employee called cops who arrived on the scene to find Hut­ton nude from the waist down, walk­ing around the bar. A deputy cor­ralled the 49-year-old and took him out­side, telling him to have a seat at one of the establishment’s pic­nic tables … which he then also tried to vio­late. He was charged with pub­lic intox­i­ca­tion and ordered to appear in court on July 1st.
A Florida DUI sus­pect was report­edly so drunk that he crashed his car into a police vehi­cle and didn’t even remem­ber doing it!Sunrise Police Offi­cer Cory Gindles­perger had the emer­gency lights flash­ing on his police vehi­cle dur­ing a traf­fic stop when Nathaniel Mar­tin allegedly rear-ended him with his Kia. The col­li­sion sent the police car skid­ding 50 feet down the road! Nei­ther man was injured and Mar­tin was found sit­ting on the curb with blood­shot eyes, flushed skin, slurred speech and an odor of alco­hol ema­nat­ing from his soul. When the 24-year-old was asked if he remem­bered the crash, Mar­tin responded, “I didn’t crash into any­one.” Mar­tin was charged with a DUI, pos­ses­sion of drug para­pher­na­lia and other traf­fic infractions.

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