Probably not the best thing to do after rolling your vehicle.

A Michi­gan man gave new mean­ing to the term “high” speed chase – by lead­ing cops on a 115-mile-per-hour pur­suit before rolling his car and tak­ing a hit of mar­i­juana to calm his nerves. The man, whose name was not released, fled a traf­fic stop in a 2002 Buick, hit­ting dan­ger­ous speeds as he and […]


A double wet-willy is always a good idea, right?

A Florida man who had a bone to pick with his nephew ended up behind bars for stab­bing the younger man … for pig­ging out on too many pork chops at the din­ner table. Billy Wall con­fronted Charles Williams after he dis­cov­ered that he’d scarfed down three of the four chops he’d cooked – leaving […]


Get Off the Couch

                   …And Do Some­thing! To make sub­mis­sions email or send him an invite on face­book!  Farmer’s Mar­kets (Sat­ur­days through Octo­ber)  The Idaho Falls Farms Mar­ket in the Key Bank Park­ing Lot (Sat­ur­days through Octo­ber) Port­neuf Val­ley Farm­ers Mar­ket 9a — 1p Old town Pavil­lion — Pocatello (Fri­days — October […]


Beware the Idaho flying burrito!

A Florida woman was arrested after she attacked her boyfriend dur­ing a fight over a blan­ket. 20-year-old Emma Camp­bell and her boyfriend Alexan­der McCall were lying in bed when they started argu­ing over the tem­per­a­ture in the room. The argu­ment turned phys­i­cal when they began fight­ing over who got to use the blan­ket. That’s when […]


This calendar stinks.

Some indus­tri­ous Florida women are hop­ing that they can raise funds by promis­ing to deliver a really crappy 2015 … to donors will­ing to shell out a few bucks for a cal­en­dar they’re call­ing “Ladies of Manure.“The women are all mem­bers of the Fer­tile Earth Foun­da­tion, an orga­ni­za­tion ded­i­cated to rais­ing aware­ness about home gardening, […]


More than one kind of weed can get you tossed into the slammer these days.

A Ten­nessee woman was sent to jail ear­lier this week … because her front yard was full of weeds. Karen Hol­loway was cited by her town after numer­ous com­plaints were lodged about the state of her yard, which she admit­ted was in pretty bad shape. Hol­loway says that she and her hus­band, who recently returned […]


Mommy, why is Santa throwing up???

A Florida man tried stak­ing a claim to a piece of real estate – by attack­ing the own­ers and claim­ing he owned it because his sis­ter had been burned at the stake there as a witch. Michael T. White stormed into a neigh­bor­ing yard wav­ing a chain­saw above his head and mut­ter­ing about witches and […]


How to leave a lousy tip:

An Indi­ana teenager gave new mean­ing to the term “dirty money” by try­ing to pay a restau­rant check with dol­lar bills that he’d used as toi­let paper. The 17-year-old, whose name was not released due to his age, was report­edly part of a rowdy group that had been caus­ing trou­ble for servers at the newly […]