Get Off the Couch

                    …And Do Some­thing! To make sub­mis­sions email or send her an invite on face­book!       Farmer’s Mar­kets (Sat­ur­days through Octo­ber)  The Idaho Falls Farms Mar­ket in the Key Bank Park­ing Lot on Broad­way.  9a — 1p Week­end & Ongo­ing Events (April 25th — 26th) East Idaho […]


redrum redrum

We all know get­ting a tat­too of your lover will even­tu­ally end up a bad idea but I can’t fig­ure out why this guy didn’t see this com­ing.  A Kansas man charged with first-degree mur­der is afraid the tat­tooed mirror-image of the word “mur­der” across his neck might prej­u­dice a jury.  So he is asking […]


Potato plunder

A Rhode Island man tried his luck at rob­bing a con­ve­nience store, where he bran­dished the scari­est weapon of all….a tater!  The employee chased him off with a base­ball bat. Then he went around the cor­ner to try again at a Laun­dro­mat, shout­ing, “I need money.” A clerk there saw the spud and walked away […]


Interview with actor Blayne Weaver

A friend helps you move; a good friend helps you move a body.” The movie “Favor” is out with Video On Demand every­where today and Piper had a chance to chat with lead actor Blayne Weaver who plays Kip Desmond in the film. Here’s the trailer for “Favor” and you can lis­ten to the interview below.


There's more than 1 way to crack an egg

I hope your Easter was bet­ter than the Dye fam­ily of New Jersey’s who had their Easter egg hunt inter­rupted when a sky­diver fell out of the sky into a nearby back­yard!  The diver, 49-year-old Arkady Shenker, jumped out of a plane oper­ated by Freefall Adven­tures Sky­div­ing School and he was wear­ing a spe­cial “wing […]


A bar of gold you won't want to get your hands on

Par­ents always worry when their child runs away but I can’t even imag­ine what this boy’s par­ents went through after find­ing out about this!  Their 16-year-old boy is mirac­u­lously alive after being stowed away in the wheel well of a flight from Santa Clara, Cal­i­for­nia to Maui, Hawaii. The FBI believes the boy climbed into […]


Stick a knife in it!

It looked like a hun­gry passenger’s lunch, but enchi­ladas car­ried through secu­rity at Sonoma County Air­port in Santa Rosa, Calif. con­tained more than just rice, beans and a deli­cious sauce, accord­ing to the TSA. Stashed inside it was an 8.5-inch knife: The woman said she had made the enchi­lada over the week­end and she really […]


Good deed leads to arrest

 When her cell­mate asks, “How’d you get arrested?” Florida’s Christina Hines, 30, has good rea­son to either laugh or cry. As WKMG reports, it all started when she acci­den­tally left a $50 bill behind at a gas sta­tion. The clerk ran out­side after her but was too late. A sheriff’s deputy noticed the com­mo­tion, found […]