Pizza sounds good. Or... not.

A Florida man who was arrested Monday for attacking his wife at their home says he did it because she didn’t leave him enough fried chicken. 45-year-old Desmond Leon Brownlee was charged with striking and choking his wife in the middle of the night after his craving for some leftover chicken went unfulfilled. The attack […]


Heyyyy man, check out what I've got in my locker...

A 69-year-old Florida woman didn’t like her adult son getting fresh with her, so she took out the Febreze and got fresh with him. Now, she’s facing battery charges. Jenny Ellis and her son, who suffers from a mental illness, got into an argument. Ellis claims that he called her derogatory name. She grabbed the […]


WiFi hotspots are no laughing matter.

A Colorado woman will have to face the music for pointing a rifle at an 11-year-old neighbor who was playing his clarinet too loudly for her. Cheryl Ann Pifer had reportedly been drinking heavily when she confronted the boy, who was practicing for his music class in his yard because a younger sibling was sleeping […]


Starting my sleeve.

Had my first tattoo appointment for my sleeve on Saturday and was able to get all the line work done. Kyle does some amazing work. Be sure to give him a visit during Walk in Wednesdays at WGF Tattoo: The Ones Your Mother Told You About…..find them on Facebook by clicking HERE. Catch a quick […]


It's a bird, it's a plane, no... it's a rat!

A Florida man had to wipe the smile off his face after he forgot to wipe the pot off his face — and got busted during a traffic stop near his home. Cops spotted Benjamin Nutter driving without license plates and tried to pull him over — but Nutter eluded them, slowing down every once […]


He managed to find room for one more bite...

It has been a brutal week for NFL players off the field. The Ray Rice story just keeps getting uglier and more disgusting. And now, reports are surfacing that former Cowboy running back Marion Barber was arrested in June for flashing a loaded pistol at church. Making matters worse, he was packing three magazines filled […]


The smell can also be quite overwhelming...

A Kentucky man with a history of sleepwalking is lucky to be alive after sleepwalking off a 60-foot cliff. The man was camping with friends at the Red River Gorge when he apparently walked off the cliff. His friends found him in the morning laying on the large boulders below. Rescuers had to rappel down […]


It's weird. Very weird and disgusting.

The city of Berkeley, California, is offering a unique benefit for low-income residents – free marijuana. That’s right. Starting next summer, Berkeley residents who earn less than $32,000 per year – or $46,000 per family – and have a prescription for medical marijuana will be able to get it for free from one of the […]