Shaving Face

Thsee alleged attempted rob­beries took place at two down­town Wash­ing­ton D.C. banks. At the the Sun­Trust bank, the sus­pect, whose name was not reported, walked in and gave a teller a note that read “100s 50s 20s 10s.” She handed the note back, and the FBI said the sus­pect wrote her another not, “all mona.” The teller sent him away. A nearby cus­tomer informed the teller that the man was try­ing to rob the bank. Shortly there­after, the sus­pect entered the Bank of Amer­ica and handed a teller there the same note. The teller there quickly under­stood what was going on and asked “Oh my God, are we get­ting robbed?”  She alerted secu­rity guards at the bank and the man took off. Police caught up with him about three blocks away and charged him with two counts of attempted bank rob­bery, author­i­ties said.  Can’t fault a guy for trying

Police said Delaina Gar­ling, 27, of Upper Darby went to a Fam­ily Dol­lar store with her young daugh­ter and son even though she had been banned for theft. The man­ager rec­og­nized her and started to escort her out, but police said she pulled out her pep­per spray and sprayed him and another store employee in the face. The man­ager wres­tled her to the ground. Gar­ling allegedly kept spray­ing, then handed off the pep­per spray to her daugh­ter and told her, “You know what to do baby. Spray it!”  The girl obvi­ously had more sense than her mama & didn’t obey. The man­ager held Gar­ling on the ground until police arrived. She allegedly had a bag of mar­i­juana and eight clon­azepam pills, which are used to treat seizures and panic attacks, police said. Gar­ling, whose chil­dren were placed in the cus­tody of their father, was charged with sim­ple assault, pos­ses­sion of a con­trolled sub­stance and related offenses.

A Florida man, whose name was not released, was get­ting ready for a bit of man-scaping & he thought would be more com­fort­able if he heated up the shav­ing cream.  So he placed the can directly on the stove burner –one of the things the label warns never to do!  And here’s why.  The can blew up in his face and he ended up cut­ting it pretty badly open­ing up gashes under his eyes bad enough to require a trip to the emer­gency room!  Now I under­stand why we have those weird warn­ings on labelsshaving-cream

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