She should have stayed in the closet

woman in closet18-year-old Col­orado woman Pre­mila Lal had appar­ently sneaked into a home that 21-year-old Nerrek Gal­ley was stay­ing at and sur­prised him by jump­ing out of a closet.  It sur­prised him alright.  So much that he shot her dead.  Police say drugs and alco­hol do not appear to be a fac­tor in the death.  

The Volu­sia County Sheriff’s Office said Burker King assis­tant man­ager Mon­trale Hamil­ton told inves­ti­ga­tors he found a deposit bag, which con­tained nearly $1,400 on the floor of the Del­tona restau­rant and pre­sumed it had been dropped by the other assis­tant man­ager while mak­ing deposits. Hamil­ton told deputies he ini­tially put the bag in the safe, but soon decided to take the bag home to teach the other man­ager a les­son about being more care­ful. One should take his own advice) The owner of the eatery asked about the miss­ing bag the fol­low­ing day, and Hamil­ton allegedly said he knew noth­ing about it. How­ever, Hamil­ton allegedly retrieved the bag from his home, still sealed with the cash untouched, when the owner said he would con­sider not press­ing charges against the party respon­si­ble for its dis­ap­pear­ance. Hamil­ton told deputies he had planned to bring the bag back with him the day after he took it, but he had for­got­ten it at home. Hamil­ton was arrested on a felony charge of grand theft.

A British man was hauled into court last month after giv­ing a whole new mean­ing to the term “sex drive.” Daniel Cooper was get­ting tanked with some pals when he left the pub and began to dis­robe on the street. He was walk­ing down the road with his pants around his ankles and made way over to the Land Rover, hav­ing his way with it. Not really sure on the specifics but it a naked dude was rub­bing all over my car I’d press charges too!  A judge levied a small fine, but ordered Cooper to refrain from get­ting gassed up for the next three months. This is my favorite part of the story. One of his pals said, “Daniel is not a pretty sight when naked. We all felt sorry for the Land Rover and hope it wasn’t offended.”

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