She was pee o'd - twice

Iowa Police responded to the scene after receiv­ing a report that a the 30-year-old woman was intox­i­cated and refus­ing to leave a
patricia hunleycon­ve­nience store. Patri­cia Hun­ley was charged with mis­de­meanor pub­lic intox­i­ca­tion after she allegedly peed on her­self while in the store. When asked to leave, Hun­ley allegedly replied, “On my momma’s life I will beat your [exple­tive]!” And then appar­ently she peed on her­self. When police arrived she was cov­ered in urine, had slurred speech, poor bal­ance and was lean­ing against a car to keep it. She then told police she had drank two bot­tles of Black Vel­vet whiskey which explains her blood alco­hol con­tent of .439!! She peed on her­self a sec­ond time at the station

A promi­nent Hindu guru in India is at the cen­ter of a legal bat­tle between his fam­ily and his fol­low­ers. The fam­ily of Shri Maharaj say the wealthy reli­gious leader passed away in Jan­u­ary and they’d like to have him cre­mated, but his dis­ci­ples refuse to let them do that because they believe he’s still very much alive — just med­i­tat­ing. In fact, since they don’t know how long he’ll be in deep med­i­ta­tion, they’ve frozen his body in a com­mer­cial freezer to keep him pre­served for when he wakes up!
If the thought of hav­ing deadly snakes slither all over your body sounds relax­ing, then you need to pack a bag and head over to the Philip­pines. A zoo in Cebu City is offer­ing vis­i­tors a unique mas­sage expe­ri­ence … and it’s free. All you need to do is lay there and relax as a few enor­mous Burmese pythons, which have the abil­ity to swal­low you whole or con­strict the life out of you, slide all over your body. But zoo employ­ees say you’ll have noth­ing to worry about. Each snake is fed 10 chick­ens before the mas­sage so they won’t be hun­gry to eat you. Sound relax­ing?

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