She was pee o'd - twice

Iowa Police responded to the scene after receiving a report that a the 30-year-old woman was intoxicated and refusing to leave a
patricia hunleyconvenience store. Patricia Hunley was charged with misdemeanor public intoxication after she allegedly peed on herself while in the store. When asked to leave, Hunley allegedly replied, “On my momma’s life I will beat your [expletive]!” And then apparently she peed on herself. When police arrived she was covered in urine, had slurred speech, poor balance and was leaning against a car to keep it. She then told police she had drank two bottles of Black Velvet whiskey which explains her blood alcohol content of .439!! She peed on herself a second time at the station

A prominent Hindu guru in India is at the center of a legal battle between his family and his followers. The family of Shri Maharaj say the wealthy religious leader passed away in January and they’d like to have him cremated, but his disciples refuse to let them do that because they believe he’s still very much alive — just meditating. In fact, since they don’t know how long he’ll be in deep meditation, they’ve frozen his body in a commercial freezer to keep him preserved for when he wakes up!
If the thought of having deadly snakes slither all over your body sounds relaxing, then you need to pack a bag and head over to the Philippines. A zoo in Cebu City is offering visitors a unique massage experience … and it’s free. All you need to do is lay there and relax as a few enormous Burmese pythons, which have the ability to swallow you whole or constrict the life out of you, slide all over your body. But zoo employees say you’ll have nothing to worry about. Each snake is fed 10 chickens before the massage so they won’t be hungry to eat you. Sound relaxing?

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