Smelly Situations

poop or get off the potCops entered a house owned by Henry Nguyen [pr: NWEN] with a war­rant seek­ing mar­i­juana plants, which they found after they came across mul­ti­ple buck­ets of fecal mat­ter that the man had strate­gi­cally placed to throw author­i­ties off the scent of his oper­a­tion. Offi­cers seized the weed, sev­eral weapons and two Ger­man Shep­herds, who we pre­sume were house­bro­ken – unlike Nguyen.

In Utah Gor­don Bell was hold­ing a brewski when he stag­gered up to the door of the trooper, who had called 911 to report him for the DUI sev­eral months back. Alarmed at the visit, the trooper’s fam­ily phoned the police sta­tion, but by the time a backup offi­cer had arrived, the off-duty trooper had already cuffed Bell him­self. Bell was arrested on sus­pi­cion of wit­ness tam­per­ing, tres­pass­ing, pub­lic intox­i­ca­tion and resist­ing arrest.

Aaron Thomp­son was at the house of his children’s mother and had acci­den­tally called dis­patch­ers at the McMinn County E-911 Cen­ter dur­ing a heated argu­ment. The dis­patch­ers, heard him shout­ing about mar­i­juana and methadone and how he was “look­ing for a pipe to smoke some­thing with.” Police said when they went to the address from which the call was made, Thomp­son thought they had arrived because of his yelling and explained that he wanted to know why his children’s mother had taken him off her insur­ance pol­icy. When Thomp­son learned of the real rea­son for the police visit, offi­cers say, “It really sur­prised him.” Thomp­son agreed to a search of his per­son and he was hauled off to the big­house. Thomp­son posted the $2,000 bond to get out of jail.

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