Smelly Situations

poop or get off the potCops entered a house owned by Henry Nguyen [pr: NWEN] with a warrant seeking marijuana plants, which they found after they came across multiple buckets of fecal matter that the man had strategically placed to throw authorities off the scent of his operation. Officers seized the weed, several weapons and two German Shepherds, who we presume were housebroken – unlike Nguyen.

In Utah Gordon Bell was holding a brewski when he staggered up to the door of the trooper, who had called 911 to report him for the DUI several months back. Alarmed at the visit, the trooper’s family phoned the police station, but by the time a backup officer had arrived, the off-duty trooper had already cuffed Bell himself. Bell was arrested on suspicion of witness tampering, trespassing, public intoxication and resisting arrest.

Aaron Thompson was at the house of his children’s mother and had accidentally called dispatchers at the McMinn County E-911 Center during a heated argument. The dispatchers, heard him shouting about marijuana and methadone and how he was “looking for a pipe to smoke something with.” Police said when they went to the address from which the call was made, Thompson thought they had arrived because of his yelling and explained that he wanted to know why his children’s mother had taken him off her insurance policy. When Thompson learned of the real reason for the police visit, officers say, “It really surprised him.” Thompson agreed to a search of his person and he was hauled off to the bighouse. Thompson posted the $2,000 bond to get out of jail.

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