Pain in the butt!

snake in toiletAn Israeli man was sitting on the throne when he felt what he described as a burning sensation.  So he bent down to take a closer look and saw something he didn’t expect… a snake had crawled up inside the toilet bowl and bit his dingle!! He was rushed to a nearby hospital, where blood tests revealed the snake was not poisonous. A doctor said that the bite marks left behind might leave a scar, and doctors asked him to submit to observation overnight … or at least as long as they needed to take photos to put on Facebook.

 Nora Ziegler came out of her house recently and found a 6-inch hole gouged out of the wheel well of her SUV, so she called cops, who asked if she had any enemies. She couldn’t think of any, so she waited – and found another hole cut into the vehicle on the other side. She decided to keep her smart phone camera with her whenever possible, and later in the week, she caught the perp red-handed – or is that red-pawed? An animal control official informed her that the squirrel was not dangerous, so Ziegler is letting bygones be bygones.  She says, “I’m not happy to see my car like this but at least I didn’t have any enemies, at least not people.

A Florida man ended up behind bars after he decided to take a nice relaxing stroll around his neighborhood, without putting on his walking shoes … or his shirt, pants or underwear. Andrew Wilson was spotted wandering around the grounds of his apartment complex without a stitch of clothing, a state of affairs that caused at least one neighbor to call police for help. Cheryl Maddern said that Wilson was carrying a beer and appeared to be wasted, but not dangerous, noting, “He was just walking real slow; he wasn’t being aggressive.” According to his arrest report, Wilson stated he was drunk and walked outside without realizing he was naked.

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