Pain in the butt!

snake in toiletAn Israeli man was sit­ting on the throne when he felt what he described as a burn­ing sen­sa­tion.  So he bent down to take a closer look and saw some­thing he didn’t expect… a snake had crawled up inside the toi­let bowl and bit his din­gle!! He was rushed to a nearby hos­pi­tal, where blood tests revealed the snake was not poi­so­nous. A doc­tor said that the bite marks left behind might leave a scar, and doc­tors asked him to sub­mit to obser­va­tion overnight … or at least as long as they needed to take pho­tos to put on Facebook.

 Nora Ziegler came out of her house recently and found a 6-inch hole gouged out of the wheel well of her SUV, so she called cops, who asked if she had any ene­mies. She couldn’t think of any, so she waited – and found another hole cut into the vehi­cle on the other side. She decided to keep her smart phone cam­era with her when­ever pos­si­ble, and later in the week, she caught the perp red-handed – or is that red-pawed? An ani­mal con­trol offi­cial informed her that the squir­rel was not dan­ger­ous, so Ziegler is let­ting bygones be bygones.  She says, “I’m not happy to see my car like this but at least I didn’t have any ene­mies, at least not people.

A Florida man ended up behind bars after he decided to take a nice relax­ing stroll around his neigh­bor­hood, with­out putting on his walk­ing shoes … or his shirt, pants or under­wear. Andrew Wil­son was spot­ted wan­der­ing around the grounds of his apart­ment com­plex with­out a stitch of cloth­ing, a state of affairs that caused at least one neigh­bor to call police for help. Cheryl Mad­dern said that Wil­son was car­ry­ing a beer and appeared to be wasted, but not dan­ger­ous, not­ing, “He was just walk­ing real slow; he wasn’t being aggres­sive.” Accord­ing to his arrest report, Wil­son stated he was drunk and walked out­side with­out real­iz­ing he was naked.

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