Snowbody will find me

A Massachusetts man really fought for his right to party when he showed up at his neighbor’s front door and asked him to share a shot of vodka – threatening him with a shot from his rifle if he refused.  Scott Topham was already intoxicated when he strolled over and began banging on the door – before forcing his way in at gunpoint when the victim peeked out. Topham then forced the other man into his kitchen and poured him a glass of vodka, demanding that he down it. When the guy balked at drinking more, Topham said he “has harmed people before and he is not afraid to kill someone.”Eventually, the victim’s roommates showed up and chased Topham back to his own house, where cops arrested him on charges of kidnapping, armed home invasion and assault

snow-footprintInvestigators said they responded to a psychiatric facility in Boden on a report of a burglary.  The burglar made It pretty easy for the officers to find him because they discovered a set of footprints in the fresh snow leading from the building to a nearby apartment. They stopped by the apartment and sure enough the shoes of a man inside the apartment matched the footprints found in the snow. The man was arrested on a burglary count.

Cops responding to a call about a disturbance found Jeremy Anderson “going ballistic,” breaking windows and dousing himself in salt and detergent. Just in time for Halloween, the Oklahoma man took extreme home makeover to a whole new level by covering his walls in blood, bleach and other substances, then using the Bible to start a fire and told cops he was “just remodeling.”  As they tried to calm him down, he began throwing furniture out the window. After Anderson was taken to a hospital, he admitted he was “just high.”

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