Spiderman face!

24-year-old Eric Rico Ortiz suf­fers from arachno­pho­bia and the mere sight of a spi­der creeps him out.  spider faceBut now he’ll have to see one every time he looks in the mir­ror because he got a GIANT black spi­der tat­tooed on his FACE!  He offers up this expla­na­tion: “You see those spi­ders, you’re going to jump, so putting one on my face, I say you know what, I’m going to see what peo­ple think.”  Do you really want to know what peo­ple think?  On a side note, his girl­friend broke up with him soon after he got it.

A Butte, Mon­tana home­owner says he heard some noise com­ing from the garage and went out to look inside, where he spot­ted an absolute stranger sit­ting in front of his DVD set-up, smok­ing cig­a­rettes and watch­ing an X-rated movie.  He chased the perv down the street, called cops and they cor­nered Dar­win James Bai­ley out­side a nearby motel. Bai­ley, was charged with felony burglary.

Cops were called to a house after reports of gun­fire and found Akili Bai­ley sit­ting on the porch look­ing exceed­ingly uncom­fort­able. When one offi­cer approached him to check on his injuries, he tensed up and began clench­ing his but­tocks together. A move the cop attrib­uted to the loca­tion of his injury. But when Bai­ley was taken to the E.R. to have the bul­let removed from his butt cheek, the doc­tor found a stashed bag­gie con­tain­ing about two grams of cocaine! That earned him drug pos­ses­sion charges in addi­tion to his already out­stand­ing war­rants for bat­tery and crim­i­nal prop­erty dam­age.  Pos­si­bly the worst time to shoot your­self in the ass…


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