Squirrel (and bank clients) are not amused

It’s a dis­hon­or­able end­ing for one of Mexico’s most noto­ri­ous car­tel chiefs: Fran­cisco Felix was shot dead in Cabo San Lucas on Fri­day, and as a spokesman for state pros­e­cu­tors tells Reuters, “A per­son dressed as a clown took his life.” He was shot point-blank “by two bul­lets, one in the tho­rax and one in the head.” The cos­tume actu­ally makes sense, because was attend­ing a child’s birth­day party.  That poor kid!

surprised squirrelA French bank shared a photo on Face­book as part of a mar­ket­ing cam­paign for a line of insur­ance. The photo was accom­pa­nied by a slo­gan, “Because acci­dents don’t just hap­pen to oth­ers, insur­ance will also cover you for any tem­po­rary injuries.” Appar­ently the pic­ture of a squir­rel caught hang­ing upside down by his dan­gle parts on a bird feeder did not amuse.   Many of the bank’s 24,000 Face­book fol­low­ers thought the account had been hacked. When the bank real­ized fol­low­ers’ reac­tion they apol­o­gized and took down the photo. “We wanted to make use of the social net­works but we made a mis­take and we regret it,” the bank said.

A Florida man is behind bars after mak­ing a trip to Dis­ney World the unhap­pi­est place on earth by attack­ing sev­eral cos­tumed cast mem­bers with a piece of PVC pipe!  Austin De Van Hill, 23, who was described as “extremely intox­i­cated,” was vis­it­ing the resort for its annual Food and Wine Fes­ti­val. He began scream­ing unin­tel­li­gi­ble phrases at the top of his lungs before lung­ing at one of the cast mem­bers, then punch­ing a sec­ond who tried to keep him from steal­ing one of the golf carts used in the park’s events. De Van Hill, a Naval Acad­emy grad­u­ate and foot­ball player, was taken to a nearby hos­pi­tal, before being trans­ported to jail, where he was charged with assault.

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