Selfie sabotage

Red­dit user Sup­plenup­ple, who wished to remain anony­mous for obvi­ous rea­sons, said he was hik­ing in mad squirrelFlorida when he came across a seem­ingly friendly squir­rel and decided to take a selfie with it It turns out the squir­rel did not approve. “When I got close enough, the squir­rel actu­ally tried grab­bing my phone. I shook it off, then snapped this photo.” That is when every­thing went wrong. “Next thing I knew, the squir­rel was on my shoul­der, then under my shirt, and then hang­ing off my back!” he said. “The photo was cour­tesy of my mom, who col­lapsed laugh­ing shortly after.” He added that no rabies shot was nec­es­sary.  PS…this is the photo his mom took

Lud­vik Dolezal of the Czech Repub­lic has a very unique title. The 58-year-old home­less man is known as “Europe’s Dirt­i­est Man. “Dolezal is vol­un­tar­ily home­less. He says one day he just decided to quit his job. Since then he’s been sleep­ing in a smol­der­ing pile of ashes. He loves it.Every day he finds things to burn to cre­ate his ashy bed and then crawls up in it to sleep. He even had a mat­tress that he could have slept on, but decided to burn that too.

A Nebraska man kissed his free­dom good­bye by get­ting him­self arrested for kiss­ing a slew of strangers at his local Wal­mart – and top­ping off the spree with a tongue-bath for a store employee. The man, whose name was not released, made his way from aisle to aisle, plant­ing wet, sloppy smooches on patrons of both gen­ders, grop­ing one woman and ran­domly toss­ing items off shelves. He was escorted out by secu­rity, but returned a few min­utes later to resume pay­ing lip ser­vice to any­one in sight. As he was escorted from the store for the final time, the man licked an employee’s head.

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