SSN = Stupid Sister Numbskull

Louisiana woman Diondre Jones tried to check in at Slidell Memorial Hospital using her sister’s Social Security number and stupid sisterinsurance info, but a computer warned that “date of death precedes date of service.” Jones told a security guard that she couldn’t explain how the wrong Social Security number got in the system and that a clerk must have gotten confused and typed in her sister Delores’s name after seeing it on the shirt. Which, by the way…was a shirt from her sister’s memorial service! Jones faces one count of Medicaid fraud and charges for failing to appear in court on a previous arrest. That’s one way to make your sister proud…NOT!

Judes Exantus was flagged for rolling through a stop sign, a violation he denied committing. As the officer was writing the ticket, Exantus got agitated, telling him to hurry up so he could get on his way, but the cop said he couldn’t be any speedier with the equipment he had. At that point, Exantus called 911 to complain that his time was being wasted – a decision that cost him even more time when the trooper added a charge of misusing 911 and took him to jail. He was released after posting $2000 bond.

Talk about an impressive bust. Police at the airport in Madrid, Spain arrested a 43-year-old woman trying to smuggle nearly four pounds of cocaine. Authorities say the woman, who had arrived on a flight from Colombia, acted nervous enough to raise their suspicions. They searched her and noticed irregularities in the shape of her breasts where it turns out she had stashed nearly 4 pounds of cocaine! She was taken to the hospital for surgery and was immediately arrested afterwards.


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