Stick a knife in it!

It looked like a hungry passenger’s lunch, but enchiladas carried through security at Sonoma County enchiladasAirport in Santa Rosa, Calif. contained more than just rice, beans and a delicious sauce, according to the TSA. Stashed inside it was an 8.5-inch knife: The woman said she had made the enchilada over the weekend and she really didn’t know how the knife got into the bag. She was cleared for travel but the TSA could hit her with a penalty of up to $10,000.

A Montana man 34-year-old Christopher Nicholas Hiatt called 911 to report a theft, but when police arrived they learned that Hiatt had an arrest warrant from another county. When officers tried to handcuff him, he resisted and apparently licked one of the officer’s eyes. Hiatt is charged with felony assault on a peace officer and assault with bodily fluid. By the way, the arrest took place outside a dive bar called Pisser’s Palace outside of Butte.

A California man caught a really bad “brake” when cops pulled him over as he was making his way to a court hearing.  James Manning was required to appear before a judge to answer earlier drug charges, but couldn’t find a ride – so he decided to swipe a set of wheels from a nearby dealership. He thought he was in the clear after swapping out the license plates from another vehicle, but neglected to disable the GPS, which tracked him right to the courthouse steps. Manning was busted on charges of auto theft, and additional drug counts – for the weed he had with him in the stolen car.

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