Stinky art

An Indonesian passenger jet with more than 100 people aboard skidded off the runway after hitting a cow upon landing! All the humans were fine but cow didn’t make it as the pilot commented about smelling “burning meat” as the plane touched down on the island of Sulawesi. Apparently, Indonesia has a lousy aviation safety record.  The last big mishap came in April when a jet from the same airline skidded into the sea. Dozens were injured.

poop sketchA Pennsylvania woman got a pretty clear picture of what someone thinks of her when she walked up to her car to find someone had defaced it with a drawing of a pile of turds. The artwork was accompanied with a helpful caption reading, “Guess what this is!” The woman, whose name was not released, says that the vandalism occurred sometime after she parked the vehicle around midnight. On the bright side, the poopy Picasso used a magic marker to send the message, rather than go the organic route.

A New York man was arrested after using Craigslist to share pictures of his girlfriend’s two-month-old baby in order to sell the baby for a mere $100! Paul Marquez wrote up the listing because he felt like the mom was paying too much attention to her and not enough to him. Naturally, he didn’t use that excuse in the ad, which said the tot loves to play, but noted, “She’s really getting on my nerves and I don’t want her.” A friend said that Marquez was actually a good guy when he wasn’t strung out on pain-killers. Marquez is being held on $1,000 bail, which he’s been unable to raise.

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