Stone Soup

dog-xray-rocksBarney the Labrador wasn’t feeling too well at his home in England. He appeared sluggish and in bad spirits. His owner Kim Woollard was worried he might’ve eaten something that he wasn’t supposed to, as Barney was prone to do. But what Kim didn’t expect was that her beloved Barney ate 109 stones he found at the beach! The lab underwent an operation to get all the rocks out of his belly and, shockingly, he’s just fine.

The mayor of a California city struggling with a spike in burglaries and other crimes & is apologizing for promoting a about how to pick locks in her newsletter.  Oakland Mayor Jean Quan says she will do a better job reviewing listings in the future. The Oakland Tribune reports that the class was geared toward people who misplace their keys. But it didn’t go over well with some residents given the city’s crime woes, including a more-than 40 percent jump in burglaries last year.

A Belgian college professor accidentally left an overhead projector running while connected to his lap top. The professor had just finished giving a lesson on Advanced Food Chemistry and decided to wind down with a choice selection from While the lecture hall was empty at the time, students who had tuned into the lecture online caught the guy and, of course, got a screen grab of all the action, and brought it to the attention of school officials. The professor has since been asked to leave.

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