Stripped of our youth

bananaBoy, they sure do celebrate their youth differently in Russia than we do!  Apparently, male strippers performed at their Day of Youth festivities!  The eight strippers performed during celebrations at a public park attended by several thousand people. “You are our hope, our tower of strength, the future of our region,” someone said during the  dedication performance to the young people. The strippers then took the stage and disrobed before feeding bananas to girls and women in the assembled crowd.

Police announced they seized 22 tons of expired meat from a Vietnamese smuggling network including expired chicken feet, tripe and throat that were destined for the Chinese food market.  Investigators told a state-run News Agency the expired products included chicken feet dating back to 1967.  Li Jianmin, a local security chief, said the decades-old chicken feet had been treated with chemicals “to kill bacteria, prolong the expiry date” and make the products “look white and big.”

Cops initially went to the home of Jeffrey John Pollock’s girlfriend to cuff him for refusing to leave the premises despite a court order keeping him away. As he was being placed in the back of the patrol car, Pollock asked one of the deputies to fetch the briefcase he’d left inside, which he did. After retrieving the briefcase, the deputy asked Pollock to give him the code to open it, but the man initially refused. When the cop said he was prepared to bust it open, Pollock changed his mind and popped the lock, revealing more than $9,000 in cash and a large amount of marijuana – leading to a slew of other charges.

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