Stuck between an air conditioner and a hard place

A smuggler who thought he could get a leg up on law enforcement got kicked to the curb when a search turned up a large amount of cocaine hidden in his artificial leg. Customs officials said that the man, who had just arrived in Madrid, Spain, from Panama, looked extremely nervous, which led them to pull him aside for questioning. After a sniffer dog reacted strongly to the prosthetic, the man was asked to unstrap it, which he did, revealing two packages containing about 750 grams of coke – with a street value of $60,000 in Spain.

 A Florida woman who really wanted a screwdriver proved she had a screw loose – by pulling a gun and threatening her roommate for hiding her bottle of vodka.Cops arrived after the roomie called 911 to report the altercation with Kari Ann Dangler, who said she had done nothing wrong – and had only brought out the revolver to clean it for a third roommate, who was the actual owner. Upon further examination, a deputy found that the weapon had been fired recently, and Dangler admitted that she had gotten off one shot – in the direction of a frog that was making too much noise near her pool.Fortunately for her roomies, the frog was the only thing that croaked.

bottle rocketsA judge has told a West Virginia college student to blow it out his butt for trying to sue his college for injuries he sustained after a fall at a party.  Louis Helberg III says he got banged up after falling from a porch when he was startled by fellow Marshall University football player Travis Hughes’ attempt to shoot bottle rockets out of his butt during a frat party! Helberg tumbled one floor from a balcony and got wedged between the frat house and an air conditioning unit and needed medical treatment as a result. The court ruled that Helberg can still proceed with suits against the landlord and his butt-headed friend, however.

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