Stuck in a squishy situation

I’ve used some good excuses but this 78-year-old Utah woman had the best excuse ever for miss­ing an artaxevent she was sup­posed to attend with some friends. When she didn’t show up they called the police to report her miss­ing. Luck­ily, police even­tu­ally found Sharon Brus­sell near Arches National Park – stuck up to her knees in quick­sand. She had appar­ently been stuck for 14 hours and it took four peo­ple to pull her out. For­tu­nately she was unharmed.  Artaaaaxxx noooooo!


A 33-year-old hiker fell 150 feet and broke his leg in three places when he fell off the trail in the Sequoia National Park. He was hik­ing alone, so he was stuck … with a bone pro­trud­ing out of his skin more than an inch! He sur­vived for six days out there, drink­ing melted ice and eat­ing moths and crick­ets. Prob­a­bly not as tasty as the gra­nola bars he set out with in his back­pack, but those bugs were enough to keep him alive.


A detec­tive was sent to stake out a Florida neigh­bor­hood after res­i­dents com­plained about their vehi­cles being ran­sacked by crooks. Sit­ting in his unmarked patrol car, the offi­cer watched as 3 kids – two boys and one girl – tried jig­gling han­dles of sev­eral parked vehi­cles before wan­der­ing over to the cop’s car and yank­ing the door open, not notic­ing him sit­ting there. Now the teens are headed for reform school after fail­ing les­son one in bur­glary school – don’t break into a car with a cop sit­ting inside it.

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