Stuck in a squishy situation

I’ve used some good excuses but this 78-year-old Utah woman had the best excuse ever for missing an artaxevent she was supposed to attend with some friends. When she didn’t show up they called the police to report her missing. Luckily, police eventually found Sharon Brussell near Arches National Park – stuck up to her knees in quicksand. She had apparently been stuck for 14 hours and it took four people to pull her out. Fortunately she was unharmed.  Artaaaaxxx noooooo!


A 33-year-old hiker fell 150 feet and broke his leg in three places when he fell off the trail in the Sequoia National Park. He was hiking alone, so he was stuck … with a bone protruding out of his skin more than an inch! He survived for six days out there, drinking melted ice and eating moths and crickets. Probably not as tasty as the granola bars he set out with in his backpack, but those bugs were enough to keep him alive.


A detective was sent to stake out a Florida neighborhood after residents complained about their vehicles being ransacked by crooks. Sitting in his unmarked patrol car, the officer watched as 3 kids – two boys and one girl – tried jiggling handles of several parked vehicles before wandering over to the cop’s car and yanking the door open, not noticing him sitting there. Now the teens are headed for reform school after failing lesson one in burglary school – don’t break into a car with a cop sitting inside it.

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