Stuck in a very poky position

porcupine hatA Pennsylvania woman who was visiting Brazil, Sandra Nabucco was out walking her dog when she felt a horrible thud on her head. A 10-pound porcupine had fallen off a lamp post and landed on her.  Sandra was left with more than 200 porcupine quills stuck in her scalp. A surgeon removed all of the little needles with tweezers and put her on an antibiotic to prevent infection. Sandra is also being credited with saving the spiky creature’s life by breaking its fall.

Police responded to calls in Chicago and said found the front door of the Northwest Side home “broken in half.” They found Johnathon Kretz “completely naked on the second floor throwing the furniture all over the residence, causing serious damage to multiple walls, window and furniture,” the police report said. Kretz also allegedly was “throwing glass and other miscellaneous items out the broken front windows toward the officers.” Peter Kohn, 67 the home owner says, “We found underpants that don’t belong to me and socks that don’t belong to me and my wife just saw a shoe she doesn’t recognize.” Kretz has been charged with residential burglary, criminal damage to property and aggravated assault on a police officer and was being held on $100,000 bail, the newspaper said.

Police arrested Edith Hancock, 33, of Hastings, Minn., after security employees at a Walmart detained her on suspicion of shoplifting. While in custody, she asked officers for “just one blow” of heroin from her purse.  That tipped off the officers and they found several bags of heroin in the purse.  Oh, and she is 3 months pregnant. 

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